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Monday, April 29, 2002


I recieved an e-mail from Justin from which contained a response to a David Carr post over at Liberventionist Samizdata:

Sometimes you can gain amazing insight into a person's
whole mentality from merely a simple posting on
Libertarian Samizdata -- such as David Carr's recent
diatribe directed at And what a statist
mentality it is -- influenced, perhaps, by a bit of
the typical British "cane-the-wogs" and
long-live-the-Empire arrogance.

He cites a headline we gave to a story about how
airplane parts from US fighter jets are falling on the
hapless heads of America's colony at Okinawa: "Latest
US Menace to Okinawa: Falling Jet Parts," and then
quotes a US military spokesman as if he were the fount
of all wisdom to the effect that " injuries or
damage and said the incidents posed no threat to the
local community."

Naturally, he doesn't identify the quote as coming
from a representative of the US government. But Carr
is more than just merely a dishonest prick. He also
ignores the rest of the article, which cites
theKiyoshi Akamine,
Okinawa City’s chief of base relations, as saying
"This is a problem." Oh, but who are the Japs to say
that? "Oh," the insufferable Carr writes, "the
inhumanity! Oh the oppression!"

Listen, Carr: American GIs have been raping Okinawan
women, robbing people, pushing them around for YEARS
-- and, you know what, the Japanese people don't like
it. What a surprise! And they also think junk falling
out of the sky and quite possibly landing on their
heads is "a problem" -- no matter how much our
government reassures them that it's not a problem.
Now, I suppose those Japs should just shut up and take
it -- them being wogs and all. But, somehow, they
don't see it that way.

So the military occupation of Japan -- HALF A CENTURY
after the end of WWII -- is just "one of the perils of
modernity"? Get a clue, Carr.

By the way, "the thrust and complaint of the
antiwarriors," in this case, is NOT "directed directed
at the extent to which traditional civil liberties in
the USA have been traduced." The occupation of Okinawa
is an affront to the Japanese, not the Americans
(except insofar as American taxpayers have to pay for
for it, including the cost involved in defending the
lowlife rapists and other thugs stationed there).

Oh, so we aren't "taken seriously by serious people,"
eh? Boo hoo hoo! James Taranto and the War Street
Journal have called us "cranks," and Mr. Amen Corner
Carr has dutifully taken up the cry: well, then, why
bother? Something is sticking in your arrogant craw,
Carr, or else why not pass this over as easily as one
would the ravings of Lyndon LaRouche? What's really
crankish, however, is a "libertarian" citing a US
government spokesman (without identifying him) as the
Last Word in aviation safety (what a joke!) and
pretending that his little blog, which gets a few
thousand hits per week, is more significant than a
site that gets that much in 5 minutes.

Airplane parts falling on the heads of the local
yokels? Oh, who cares, says the Colonial Administrator
Carr -- let the wogs be grateful for the scrap metal!

Gee, now I fully realize, on an emotional as well as
an intellectual level, why we had a revolution over
here and kicked those snot-nosed Brits the hell out of
our country -- and here's hoping the Okinawans will
one day rise up in the spirit of a similar rebellion.

No, it's not enough to come out for drug legalization
and cloning (fer chrissake!) -- conquering people, and
then subjecting them to constant humiliation ISN'T
"libertarian." What's sickening is that one is forced
to point this out to people who claim to be

Yes, Mr. Carr, the furrow that you plough is not
"lonely" -- you have plenty of company in cheering on
the American Empire as it rapes, wrecks, and rains
junk down on the heads of its hapless victims. The War
Street Journal, Fatso Taranto, Bill Bennett, and the
rest of America's international Amen Corner. But, you
know what? I prefer to be "lonely," as you put it, in
this particular case. Why don't you make the most of

• • • • •

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