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Thursday, April 11, 2002


Man, the warblogger's reality is getting totally warped. Must be the internet addiction. Commader Reynold's commentary on the mass arrests of Palestinian males who have committed no crimes is truly bizarre. Check out this description of the roundups:

"That Friday, around noon, the soldiers broke in, turning over everything, smashing as they searched, taking all the cellphones in the apartment and arresting the four residents. Plastic handcuffs were used to tie their hands behind their backs. Their hands would remained cuffed behind his back for the next eight hours. Every slightest movement tightened the plastic grip on the wrists, Abu Farid would learn during the day. He was put on a truck, taken off it and taken into a school yard where the prisoners were gathered, held there for two hours without permission to use the toilets and told to shut up by the soldiers, before being loaded onto another truck and driven, his head hooded, to the prison encampment. At eleven that night, two soldiers spent a long time trying to take off his handcuffs, which had grown so tight around his wrists that his hands began turning blue. They even had difficulty cutting them off, he said, because the plastic was digging into his skin. They rehandcuffed him with his hands in front, but when they saw how blue his hands had turned, they let the handcuffs hang somewhat loosely. It was raining hard, and they were allowed to sit on olive cans, because the ground was muddy. Through the sack on his head he could make out the outlines of a basketball court. Everything was lit with powerful projectors. Later he was moved to a large shack, where the hood over his head was replaced by a blindfold. At a certain point he was photographed, with his name written in Hebrew on his chest (at least they didn't write it on his arm - E.A.B). Later they took his fingerprints. One by one, both hands, and the full palm."

At the prison camp the men were then checked out to see if the Israeli military has anything on them. If not, they were eventually released. Reynold's makes this out to be some kind if fucking humanitarian mission because the doctor was nice to the prisoners. Give me a fucking break! Commander Reynolds comments: "Yeah, sounds like a regular Second Holocaust to me." It doesn't sound like a democracy to me either. Sounds more like a military dictatorship. Unless this is some warped version of democracy that Reynold's and his sick ilk believe in, where Arabs are savages who don't deserve basic human rights and can be rounded up like cattle, exterminated like vermin. And if that's your killblogger vision of democracy for the USA, fuck you.
- Eric A. Blair

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