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Saturday, April 20, 2002


A message to Commander Reynolds from Anton Riviera:

Aren't you the big man? I suspected that I may have stung, and your
attempt to hang me out to dry is faintly amusing. Though you might have
had the decency to reply in person before setting the pack of rabid dogs
on me.

Firstly, 'little brown people' is quite your own term, not mine, which
says something about the way you distort anything that doesn't parrot
your own opinions. (Really, next time, try reading with your eyes, not
your prejudices. It might help.) You're the one belittling them; I
simply note that they're not, for instance, white journalism professors with
a bad case of logorrhea.

Secondly, saying that you 'must have forgotten my many
pro-dictatorship, pro-Taliban posts on InstaPundit back in the early 1990s' is evasion
of the most blatant and risible kind. My argument had nothing to do
with whatever rubbish you were writing ten years ago
('slightly-less-insta-pundit', I suppose). Instead, it simply notes that you and your little
circle are now condemning the first and most significant critics of
regimes that you now latch upon, in the apparant assumption that you're
doing something innovative. Sorry, Amnesty was there first. And what they
said about Saudi Arabia ten years ago, and what they say about Saudi
Arabia now, is based on the same principles used to criticise Israel
today. To coin a phrase, 'when you criticise someone for things you ignore
in others, it raises certain doubts.' Particularly when it's for the
things you ignore in yourself. But as La Rochefoucauld said, 'hypocrisy
is the tribute that vice pays to virtue'.

(Oh, just in case you missed them: Amnesty on Saudi Arabia --
- - -- and the Palestinian Authority --
A more even-handed assessment than some sources.)

To answer John Dowling: I'm not convinced that the conditions in
post-Taliban Afghanistan will prevent it from reverting to the different, but
equally abhorrent conditions of post-Soviet and pre-Taliban
Afghanistan. To re-educate an entire generation brought up on war takes more than
a military effort.

As for Luke Pingel: anyone who uses the term 'Leninist' as a retort
without tongue in cheek has problems that I can't possibly address. Oh,
and for him to castigate my 'disrespectful' use of language and yet
accuse the left of being 'smelly' rather undermines any claim to moral
authority that he might have hoped for. Anyway, if he wants to get in touch,
I'll send him a gift membership to Amnesty, just to show that the
silence of which he accuses the left was in fact the sound of the right with
its fingers in its ears.

Racist left? Oh, what a master of the cheap and empty shot you are.
Spoken like a true hypocrite.

Oh, and do sell more t-shirts, won't you? Your fifteen minutes are
almost up.


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