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Tuesday, April 16, 2002


Now that the reports of the massacre of Jenin are impossible to ignore (unless you want to engange in the rationalizations that Jewish holocaust deniers engage in; like believing that all witness accounts are just the propaganda of a vast media conspiracy), Shakespeare Sullivan is now seriously wobbling on his support of the Sharon pogrom:

"What doesn't make moral sense to me is the bull-dozing of houses, the humiliation of Palestinian civilians, and the brandishing of victory. Read today's Daily Telegraph, hardly a paper viscerally hostile to Israeli, and you'll see what I mean. I agree with Paul Wolfowitz who said yesterday, "Innocent Palestinians are suffering and dying in great numbers as well. It is critical that we recognize and acknowledge that fact." (The boos that greeted those remarks were disgraceful.) I understand the emotions behind Israel's need to defeat terror and show resolve. But some of the excess is misguided and wrong - in terms of Israel's image, morality, and simple political sense."

To give you an idea of what is causing Shakespeare to so furiously backpedal, read this account of Jenin from UK Independant:

"A quiet. sad-looking young man called Kamal Anis led us across the wasteland, littered now with detritus of what were once households, foam rubber, torn clothes, shoes, tin cans, children's toys. He suddenly stopped. This was a mass grave, he said, pointing.
We stared at a mound of debris. Here, he said, he saw the Israeli soldiers pile 30 bodies beneath a half-wrecked house. When the pile was complete, they bulldozed the building, bringing its ruins down on the corpses. Then they flattened the area with a tank. We could not see the bodies. But we could smell them.
A few days ago, we might not have believed Kamal Anis. But the descriptions given by the many other refugees who escaped from Jenin camp were understated, not, as many feared and Israel encouraged us to believe, exaggerations. Their stories had not prepared me for what I saw yesterday. I believe them now."

Warbloggers, the blood is on your hands. You helped create the war hysteria that silenced criticism and created rationalizations for the murder of innocents. You can try to wash the blood off by saying, "sure I supported some of the war, but not that nasty killing of innocents part," but it's too late for that shit now.
You're all intelligent people: journalists, lawyers, computer programmers, soldiers, students, and yet you preferred to shove your head up the ass of the military propaganda machine and eat whatever ludicrous and unbelievable shit it spewed out instead of of clicking outside of your little warblogging circle to web sites where reports of atrocities were being reported daily. No! That would fuck up the little reality you created for yourselves and the mutual jerk-off sessions that propped up your damaged and stunted personalities.
But whatever. You'll rationalize the accounts away, say they're just propaganda, fall back on the twisted worldview that has carried you this far and return to creating your little blogosphere mutual rationalization society which drones on and on about the sin of moral equivelance, because without it how could you call for the death of human beings and still sleep at night without demonizing them as barbarian-savage-less-than-humans?
- disgusted by your coldness and ignorance, Eric. A. Blair

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