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Sunday, April 21, 2002


Reagan-lover PenjmanPundit thinks that other writers of much greater renown are being influenced by his work. First it was momma's boy Goldberg:

"JONAH GOLDBERG IS A PLAGIARIST Look at the title of his latest column ("Then Baghdad Delenda Est" - EAB) look at the war cry of one of my late night screeds (NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP -EAB) notice any similarities?"

Now it's pro-death blogger hero Mark Steyn:

MARK STEYN MUST READ PEJMANPUNDIT . . . After all, it is the only way to explain the following paragraph from his latest column:
In the British accounts of the alleged worst human-rights atrocity since, oh, the Dutch took charge at Srebrenica, you can't help noticing a curious sameness. All reports rely on the same couple of eyewitnesses -- "Kamal Anis, a labourer" (The Times), "A quiet, sad-looking young man called Kamal Anis" (The Independent), "Kamal Anis, 28" (The Daily Telegraph) -- and the same handful of victims -- "A man named only as Bashar once lived there" (The Telegraph), "the burned remains of a man, Bashar" (The Evening Standard), "Bashir died in agony" (The Times). You'd think with so many thousands massacred there'd be a bigger selection of victims and distraught loved ones, wouldn't you? But apparently not. I do hope Fleet Street's herd-like experts aren't falling for the old native spin machine yet again -- cf. "the mighty Pashtun warrior, humbler of empires"; "the brutal Afghan winter"; etc.
Compare this with my post of a few days ago, and you will see that I noticed all of this first. Then consider the fact that the Professor linked to me on this story, add to that the reasonable supposition that Steyn read the Professor, and it becomes PERFECTLY GODDAMNED CLEAR THAT MARK STEYN READS PEJMANPUNDIT!!!!!!!!!
(*Claps hands in delight. Runs around room in glee. Stops, thrusts pelvis backwards and forwards, simulates butt-spanking of another by waving open palm to and fro, and cries out "Who's your Daddy?!?! Who's your Daddy?!?!" ad infinitum*)

I don't know whether his claims are valid or not, but I do know that Pejman feels unloved by his fellow pro-death bloggers:

"Don't you love me anymore? Don't you care? Have you lost that special feeling? Is there another bald, dwarfish, Persian-Jewish-American blogger with conservative political leanings that has stolen your heart? Tell me it isn't so! Give me another chance!
I can change. Really. Just write back and show me you care!!!"

Hey Pejman. I care.
- Eric. A Blair

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