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Tuesday, April 16, 2002


Sgt. Stryker packs it in:

"Blogging's a flash in the pan. The better writers will get hired by traditional sources to write on the web or in print. More and more journalists will start up "blogs", and soon everyone else will hop on the bandwagon. Those blogs will be bland because they will want to have broad appeal. Most everyone else around right now will soon get bored, get jobs or get jiggy doing something else. Blogs as we know them will probably morph into something else and people will look back on these things like they do the old 'zines."

And actually (I think) defends Warblogger Watch!:

"Dr. Weevil does a breakdown of that warbloggerwatch dude's grammar. Man, he'd have a coniption fit with my writing.
You know, a lot of the criticism directed against our erstwhile critic are a bit unfair, and somewhat hypocritical. The most common judgement is that he's stupid, and there might be something to that, especially if your definition of stupid is someone who refuses to think rationally and/or does not wish to consider data that might contradict their beliefs.
The wierdest criticisms though, are those that slam him for not using his real name. Uh, guys, in case you haven't guessed, my name isn't "John Stryker". Nobody seems to have trouble with me using a pseudonym. Is that because you like me or I say things you might agree with? If so, then you are being hypocritical for slamming someone else for doing the same thing. The only difference is you don't like him or agree with him.
How about the grammar? Mine certainly isn't the best, and my spelling is "creative", as my old English teacher used to say. Quite a few other blogs have a creative mastery over the English language as well, yet when I see them quoted, I don't see that little bugger of annoyance called the "(sic)" dropped in every fourth word. Ah, that little bit of Latin that let's you the reader know that yes, I have recognized this glaring error and am now pointing it out so you don't think that I actually wrote that.
So if you're going to slam the guy, at least be fair by slamming him for what he says, not for how he says it and under what name he decides to use."

Farewell to John Stryker, the ONE warblogger who actually has the cajones to practice what he preaches!
- Eric A. Blair

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