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Friday, April 12, 2002


Something is goin' on. I feel the winds of change blowing through the warblogs. First it was Shakespeare Sullivan's realization that the continuation of the Israeli offensive might lead to some kind of insane world conflict that would disasterous for us all and lead to unbelieveable amounts of human misery and suffering (see below) and now I find that Daddy Warblogs faith in the sanity of the Israeli military operation in Palestine is being shaken by the fact that mass graves filled with Palestinians civilians are being found:

"As much as I support Israel's cause at the present time, I'm not prepared to support any action whatsoever in the pursuit of that cause, and that includes the deliberate killing of civilians. Which is why I hope that rumours of IDF forces trying to conceal bodies in bulldozed graves in Jenin are just that: rumours. The possibility that Israel - a civil, democratic, open society - could stoop as low as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al-Aqsa, al-Qa'eda and their kind makes my stomach turn. The mud of inhumanity sticks well enough to them without Israel smearing itself with the same filth.

Tell me it isn't so."

I'm sorry to inform you Daddy, but sadly, it appears to be true. This is from the Guardian:

"Some of the wrecking missions were launched while women and children were inside their homes. The operation began with rocketing from helicopter gunships and bulldozers moved in to finish the job.
They also told of the use of human shields for Israeli army patrols, and the random strafing of heavily populated civilian areas, killing elderly women and young boys and girls.
Those fleeing were dirty, exhausted and desperately hungry. Doctors in Jenin say 15 babies were sick after their mothers fed them powdered milk and sewage run-off from streets where bodies were left to rot for days.
A few also claimed to have witnessed a summary execution and the dumping of the dead - at least 150 Palestinians were killed in the camp by the Israeli army count - into mass graves."

From the Independant:

"The Palestinians are claiming that far more than 100 of their number were killed in Jenin. Many of those who fled say they saw civilians, including women, carelessly cut down. The last thing Israel wants the world to see are the bodies of women in the streets. Rumours abound that the bodies are being hidden, taken away in trucks and buried by Israeli soldiers.
But local Palestinians say they are not going to allow the Israelis to hide the evidence. They have painstakingly documented the stories of those who have fled the camp. They claim their notes account for about 200 dead. The Independent has seen the detailed handwritten notes."

This isn't about uprooting terrorist infrastructure, it's about extermination. That's not anti-semetic or anti-American, that's reality. That's why I started this blog, to do something to help move public opinion away from solutions that require vast amounts of humans being killed. To be against Sharon and his gangsters doesn't mean one automatically supports the PLO or Islamic Jihad. They're butchers too. It means being for life and against death. Daddy Warblogs, deep down inside, past your macho posturings I can tell there is someone who's disturbed by the mass slaughter of your fellow human beings. I stretch out my hand to that part of you. It's all right, I wont hurt you, there's no tricks up my sleeve. Warbloggers, for humanity's sake and the peace of future generations, come over to the other side.
- seriously for once, Eric. A. Blair

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