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Monday, June 03, 2002


Anti-War’s Justin Raimondo Gives Foppish Andy Sullivan Just a Dreadful Bashing! Dreadful I say, With My Buttered Scones and Tea…!: Since we’re bashing the loathsome Sullivan—and bashing Andy certainly does constitute good times—readers should take a look at this recent column by Justin Raimondo which really gives it to ol’ Andy. Now take it away Justin:

"First out of the gate was, naturally, Andrew Sullivan, whose womanish lament had the ring of my old Auntie exclaiming "Oh dearie me, it's simply dreadful!" "Is Bush surrendering?" he demanded to know, on hearing the "dreadful news" that tens of thousands of living human beings would be spared:

"If true, then those of us who have supported the war on terror need to revise our assessment of this president. He told the German press yesterday that there is no plan to invade on his desk. He said it almost proudly. His military leaders, in a sign of their determination to risk nothing and achieve nothing, are now leaking to the Washington Post that they have all but scotched a serious military option in Iraq."

To have to listen to this puffed-up poofter (and British immigrant) bloviate about the implied cowardice of our military leaders is part of the price we have to pay for our de facto policy of open borders. For all the whining he's doing about being supposedly "banned" from the pages of the New York Times Magazine, imagine how he'd react to bullets whizzing past his ear. Why the poor thing would run shrieking from the battlefield, rationalizing his cowardice every step of the way. The closest Sullivan has ever gotten to the military is Uniform Night at the local gay dive. When did our gay Napoleon ever risk his life for a cause greater than a moment's satisfaction in the dark?”

Justin, who is a hardcore libertarian who logically enough questions the motivations of the wars of nation states, beats up on the left to, but that's consistent. His columns are always eye opening and original.

Philip Shropshire

Breaking News: Occasional Warblogger Godless Capitalist (The Race Elitist Who Has No Name) Notices That Bush is Dumb!: Arguably the most arrogant blogger alive, Godless Capitalist came to a shocking conclusion some time ago, President Bush isn’t a smart man. Imagine that. And yet this is the man who’s leading our war effort, we think. (Who knows really.). I don’t always find myself in agreement with the Original GC, but I do think he’s a good writer, despite between utterly seduced and sodomized by the Dark Side. In fact, if you’ve ever wondered what kind of blogs that Magneto or Dr. Doom or Bond villains or Zod would have, then go right on over to Godless Capitalist’s site. I mean, who knew that Dr. Doom could write well? Recently he came to a conclusion about Bush that I thought has been obvious: that Bush is a bit of a moron. I’ve always wondered how any self-respecting intellectual could support Bush, arguably the most incompetent president that we’ve ever had in our lifetimes. Godless apparently regained his respect and said:

What a moron

Bush is really just a waste of oxygen. Check out this unbelievable piece on his response to a reporter who asked him about anti-Americanism in Europe. Now, it may be that the report is putting Bush in a bad light. But unless this entire exchange is fabricated, I doubt it:

"I wonder why it is you think there are such strong sentiments in Europe against you and against this administration?" the reporter said. "Why, particularly, there's a view that you and your administration are trying to impose America's will on the rest of the world, particularly when it comes to the Middle East and where the war on terrorism goes next?"
Turning to Mr. Chirac, he added in French: "And, Mr. President, would you maybe comment on that?"
"Very good," Mr. Bush said sardonically. "The guy memorizes four words, and he plays like he's intercontinental."

There are two issues here:

1) Bush is an anti-intellectual and an idiot. Yes, the reporter is fluent in French. Is that a reason to make fun of him? It's one thing to be an's quite another to be an idiot and disdain others for their accomplishments.

2) The larger issue is that Bush is in denial about anti-Americanism in Europe! As my mouth dropped to the floor, the only thing I could think of was Ford's infamous declaration that "Eastern Europe is not under Soviet domination". I mean, how ridiculously, moronically blind can Bush be?

There are some of you who think that he said such things for diplomatic reasons, and that Bush actually believes that anti-Americanism is a problem but cannot say it out loud. If true, Bush is a rank coward who has sacrificed whatever moral clarity he had in his Axis of Evil speech. But I don't think that Bush is quite so sophisticated...certainly the tone of his response indicated that he was genuinely annoyed with the questioner.

Thank the heavens that we are halfway through Bush's term. The sooner he's replaced, the better.

Well, darn it all, GC. I agree 100 percent. But why won’t he share his name with us. Now, we know that he’s a student at Southern Cal. We also know that’s he probably a higher level grad student in biology and he’s hinted that he’s Eurasian. There is a way to figure out who he is. Or at least his department heads could probably figure it out. Simply take what GC has written on his blog and compare it to term papers that have been turned in by using David Foster’s writer recognition software. Foster is the person who figured out that the author of Primary Colors was in fact Joe Klein. The software could also be used to determine who in fact Godless happens to be. I might point out that the reason for anonymity that Godless has given us are kind of weak. I think he mentioned tenure, which any self-respecting competent capitalist shouldn’t want anyway. That’s like being in a union for God’s sake…

Philip Shropshire

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