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Wednesday, June 05, 2002


It appears that libertarian and open source software advocate Eric Raymond has jumped on the warblogging bandwagon. With all the pro-gun blabbing that happens around the warbloggersphere the forty-something gun nut fits right in. Eric has a brilliant solution on how to deal with making planes safe from terrorists and hijackers: don't bother increasing airport security or giving the pilots guns, you should arm the passengers instead:

"Now, as a terrorist, you would be facing an unknown number of guns potentially pointed at you from all directions. Go ahead; take that flight attendant hostage. You can't use her to make people give up weapons neither you nor she knows they have. You have to assume you're outnumbered, and you dare not turn your back on anyone, because you don't know who might be packing."

Of course there might be a few problems, like shooting holes in the plane. But don't worry, the plane with crash slowly:

"And, about that stray-bullet thing. Airplanes aren't balloons. They don't pop when you put a round through the fuselage. A handful of bullet holes simply cannot leak air fast enough to be dangerous; there would be plenty of time to drop the plane into the troposphere. To sidestep the problem, encourage air travelers to carry fragmenting ammunition like Glaser rounds."

And of course some passengers will get caught in the crossfire, but no biggie, it's all for the greater good:

"The worst realistic case from arming passengers is that some gang of terrorist pukes tries to bust a move anyway, and innocent bystanders get killed by stray bullets while the passengers are taking out the terrorists. That would be bad -- but, post-9/11, the major aim of air security can no longer be saving passenger lives."

Just think how cool that would be!:

"Think of it. No more mile-long security lines, no more obnoxious baggage searches, no more women getting groped by bored security guards, no more police-state requirement that you show an ID before boarding, no more flimsy plastic tableware. Simpler, safer, faster air travel with a bullet through the head reserved for terrorists."

Sounds great! And if granny gets her head blown off in the crossfire because a couple air rage jerks have had one too many drinks, well, that's the price you pay for efficiency!
- Eric A. Blair

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