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Tuesday, July 23, 2002


Sharon's Stealth Plan
Following the same tactics he has employed for a quarter-century, Sharon has been asserting in public that he accepts Bush's diplomacy -- and meanwhile is quietly overseeing a plan of settlement construction designed to make any two-state solution impossible. Since Sharon took office less than 18 months ago, 44 new settlement sites, including more than 300 units, have been established in the West Bank -- including nine in the past three months.
Which is sorta funny because a common assertion from right-wing war hawks like David Horowitz (down from the Sharon progit machine which first proposes this), is that Israel is defending itself--'defending' themselves from the very same people you're stealing land from, go figure! Why, them goddamn Palestinians just to need to lay over and let the ethnic-cleansing continue! Don't they realize whose God sports the bigger beard? More likely they realize which country sports the 4th largest army on earth, backed by the country which claims the first largest army on earth . . .

Debunking 6 Common Israeli Myths leads us to the debunking of myth number two: Israel's invasion of Palestinian cities and refugee camps is self-defence against suicide bombings :

The Israeli claim that its attacks on the Palestinians constitute "self defense" ignores the fact that its posture in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza Strip is, by definition, not defensive. Since 1967, Israel has maintained tens of thousands of heavily armed troops outside its borders for the purposes of stealing land from the Palestinians and forcing them to live as non-citizens under a foreign military dictatorship.

Seized Palestinian land has been used to build Jewish-only settlements linked by a network of Jewish-only roads, in flagrant violation of UN Security Council Resolutions and the Fourth Geneva Convention. This colonization is, and can only be, carried out by the violent suppression of any and all Palestinian resistance to the occupation.

And why do certain Israelis continue to steal more land and keep the brutal occupation of what's left of Palestine going even when it causes such a horrible cycle of violent revenge and what can only be a daily routine consisting of depression, anger, mourning, and eventual hatred between both the Palestinians and Israelis? Their "God" tells them it's their land. Fundamentalism, folks. Stop it before it kills again.

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