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Friday, August 16, 2002


Arrrrrrhhhh frellin' malfunctioning comments section under Opera...I'll just rebut here. I haven't posted in a while anyway...This is addressed to Mike the Dog...

I wouldn't ask you to provide me with an example if it wasn't because I really like to see you suffer, so here it goes: Care to give me a few specific examples?

Well apart from ignoring the war against civil liberties, the demonization of Muslims in general and the Palestinians in specific or that your commander in chief can’t pronounce or the complete sellout to corporate interests ( a definition of fascism by the way) or ignoring the Harken scandals or seriously considering war against a country that hasn’t attacked us and that even Republicans don’t favor and that could bring about nuclear exchanges that would not only wipe out the Palestianians but the Israelies as well and about several thousand posts on this board I guess we’re just all grasping at straws here…! You punk!

Why on Earth would I be dismayed at locking up enemy combatants? Are you on drugs? Considering the very nature of these murderous genocidal maniacs, I'd not only like to lock 'em up, I much favor putting them in front of a firing squad, tout suite.

Really? You must be in the loop there Mike because we don’t what they’re charged with! We don’t even know who they are. I mean, if you can prove that they’re genocidal maniacs, hey, perhaps some punishment would be warranted. The government has yet to make a case that any of them are involved with terrorists. This isn’t good police work to me. Call me naïve. You want to shoot them without trial, without evidence and without proof? And you have the fuckin’ nerve to call us Nazis, jeez Louise

Anybody who, with a straight face, will tell you that blowing up a kindergarten is no more repugnant than targeting the hideouts of those who do

I look at the Palestinians as an oppressed people who are using whatever means necessary to win the war. Frankly, I wish they would give nonviolent tactics a shot. But nonviolence didn’t work everywhere. Please remember that South Africa threw Gandhi out of their country. South Africa , of course, helped the Israelis become a nuclear power…And yes when the Israelis kill twice as many Palestianians I find them to be at least morally equivalent and you could probably make the case, especially under Sharon, that they’re the more ruthless party…But I want to make this clear: neither side represents sainthood. And the reason why you should recognize that as a reality is that you can’t get peace until you look at both sides with an objective eye.

anybody who'll insist that the best response to an attack is to have a meeting and discuss root causes and then go ask everybody if it's OK for us to strike back..

The reason you discuss root causes, you frothy mouthed moron, is that you want them to stop attacking us in the future. And the reason you don’t strike back, at least not without thinking through the consequences, is that you escalate the violence and everybody dies. I know you’re a fascist and you’re all prepared to blog away the deaths of thousands of Iraqi civilians but some of us aren’t as deluded as you are…

anybody who believes that if you raise taxes, the economy thrives..

Actually, partisan republicans believe that Bush the elder’s responsible tax hike brought on the Long Boom. Also, I think the argument is that we don’t want a tax giveaway to the richest Americans who don’t need it and plus, we can spend the money here, say for PDAs for every kid or even the war effort. We are in a war, right? Shouldn’t everyone be asked to sacriface? Even rich people Mike the dog?

anybody who believes that dissenting is good and brave in itself, no matter how idiotic the dissent, anybody who will make statements that are in clear defiance of any logic and argue that his point is as valid as yours nevertheless...

Look, you’re the fucking idiots not us, always pointing a gun at your problems. Not only are we not the Nazis, but I personally think that we’re in Nazi Germany and we’re the dissenters. Your policies will kill millions and you’ll just rationalize it away, pretend it never happened and oh my they blew up a building where did that come from….Fuckin morons.

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