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Monday, August 26, 2002


"I'd take a knife and cut everyone of your shit-swallowing throats with my own hand"

Ordinarily, I wouldn't post something like this. However, since I was invited by Bruce of War Now! and since this individual is clearly so deranged and deluded, I will post this in the hope that someone does something about it (or are they too busy focusing on real threats). I am referring to a particularly garish looking site called Alleywriter.

Alleywriter is neither funny nor intelligent. He is, however, extremely deranged, and an obviously unhealthy influence on the mind of his young daughter:

My daughter is told that Muslim's practice Islam and that Islam is a religion of hate. That Muslims hate her and would kill her and that they don't care what kind of a person she is or if they know her. She knows that they hate and would kill her only because she is not a Muslim, and because she is an American. She knows that a Muslim group called al Qaeda used 19 Muslim men to steal 4 airplanes and then used those planes to kill over 3,000 Americans.

Yet, for a lesson in irrational hatred, his "selflessly giving and forgiving" daughter might look no further than her father.

When it comes to Goldstein, the foot doctor terrorist, Alleywriter howls:

As I said, that's all been in Israel. But now it's come to America. Now we have Dr. Robert J. Goldstein, a thwarted hero who could no longer allow Jews to be murdered unavenged.

Goldstein was found to have stockpiled weapons, a massive amount of explosives, and had boobytrapped his house. He was preparing to launch a series of attacks on Islamic schools and places of worship. Killing Muslim children is, according to Alleywriter, a heroic act. Here's a lesson in morality, Alleywriter: Killing children can never be a heroic act. I don't care if they are Muslims, Jews or Christians, attacking children is an act of utter cowardice and can never be elevated to the level of heroism.

Robert intended a rampage of destruction that would have shown the Islamic community of Tampa what it is they support and cheer for when they encourage, finance and rejoice for the killing of Jews and Americans. He would have given them just the smallest taste of what real terror is, and he would have been on higher moral ground than those who knowing allow their own to be killed so that they can avoid criticism of being too harsh on their enemies.

It boggles the mind to see Alleywriter rationalise the killing of innocent people like this. What have the Muslims of Tampa got to do with killing Jews and Americans? If Goldstein was to have murdered these people, he would have been murdering people every bit as innocent as the people who died in the World Trade Center on September 11.

Of course, there is still hope. What are the chances that Robert is the only Jew to finally have had enough of seeing his people slaughtered like pigs and nothing more than token actions taken to either avenge them or to see that it doesn't happen again? I think there are more like Robert out there, and eventually, one of them will succeed. And then another, and another, until there is an organized movement matching Islams insanity death for death.

Sadly, not very many, though. Because for every Robert J. Goldstein out there, there are at least hundreds of Jews like his mother who place ethics, no matter how twisted, above revenge.

However, until the Robert J. Goldsteins are allowed to succeed, Jews and Americans will continue to be massacred by Muslims. They won't stop until we make them, and the only way to make them is to make them pay for their crimes with their blood and the blood of their families.

Alleywriter is unambiguously arguing for the murder of American Muslims and encouraging other Jews to try and complete what Goldstein started. In fact, this maniac is probably up to the "heroic task" himself if his past threats are anything to go by.
I'll tell you right now that if you're Muslim, I hate your effin guts. I disliked you already even before 9/11, but I'd cheerfully see you dead, now. And if you're thinking of being cute and putting me on the spot by saying something like, "What about me? What about my kids? My wife? What did we ever do to you? How did we ever harm you?"

Let me ease your mind. Yes you. Yes your wife, your parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and your kids. And I wouldn't do it with a bomb, not like you chickenshit scum. If the government said, "Ok, AW, you want these people dead, then you have to do the killing yourself.", I'd take a knife and cut everyone of your shit-swallowing throats with my own hand.

Really? Well, Mr Wannabe Muslim Killer, it is always easy to make threats against "parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and kids" when hiding behind a curtain of anonymity. At the very least, it prevents the subjects of one's threats from ever catching up with them. However, given that Alleywriter is himself fond of "outing" deviants on his site, and given the obvious threat he poses to American society, I'm going to call him out.

Mr Alleywriter is Mr Thomas Schaller of 1552 Oswego Road, Naperville IL 60540, UNITED STATES. Now, his identity is known - including to the Muslim community in his own area - hopefully Mr Thomas Schaller will take the time to reflect on his statements and realise that its perhaps in his best interests to back-peddle as fast as possible.

If not, then maybe it is time for someone to give Dave Dial a call.

• • • • •

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