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Thursday, October 31, 2002


Bill Quick is running a most bloodthirsty warblog contest. When I first started up WBW I would have been all over it, but now it just kind of seems desperate and sad. Here are a few highlights, my last word, unless one of these nuts goes postal and starts picking off brown people with a Bushmaster:

Misha: Human tragedy: Sen. Wellstone was a lowlife Socialist Scumbag who will be missed only by other Socialist Scumbags, the likes of which will find themselves doing hard labor in the nearest uranium mine as soon as the Emperor assumes power. I'd piss on his grave if it wasn't for the fact that I wouldn't waste the money out of the Imperial Treasury to go there and do so. Besides, it's the only liquid sustenance that the Child Laborers in the Imperial Sweat Shops get and I wouldn't want to hurt the Empire's productivity.

IMAO: So, remember, while you may bring a pocket translator to better communicate with people of other languages and cultures, I pack a Colt .45.

Cato the Youngest: Who calls for the destruction of an entire city in every post, and most comments and e-mails? Who has wished, in the pages of his blog, that he could be the bombadier-navigator on a B-1B, loaded with 38 200-kT AGM-69 missiles, with orders to scour the Middle East with thermonuclear fire? Who has suggested that the Israelis could annihilate Egypt by breaking the Aswan dams, in order to drive people to high ground, then nuking them? Cato the Youngest.

Bill Simon: It's too bad that the IRA gave up setting bombs off in London. If they hadn't, I'd love to see the look on Johnathan Steele's face if he were to get blown apart in some pub or covering some troop review and his fellow Guardian columnists blamed the British policies in Northern Ireland for the bombing instead of the motherfucker who placed the bomb there in the first place.
Well, after the crime scene technicians scraped it off the walls and ceiling, that is. Maybe they could use a few copies of the Guardian to blot up some of the blood so they could re-open in time for the lunch crowd.

Grouchy Old Cripple: You Palestinians want a state? Kiss my ass! You bastards don't deserve a state. I say we move you all into the Gaza Strip and build a big ol' wall around it. You people are animals. You belong in cages.

There's more, but these fucks are just too pathetic to waste more than a few minutes on.


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