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Thursday, October 24, 2002


Peaceful Blog Watch:

Jesus, can we nukes these people already, clearly the only way to stop this terrorism is to kill all this islam worshiping heathens. i mean look at the guy above me, you think any kind of reason will stop him from supporting the destruction of us christians? No it is self defense we must fight back. Mecca must be destroyed.
It is the only way for our children and their children to be safe.
Plus in the long run it is better for everyone, the people in the middle east will have at least a chance to be able to worship jesus, and therefore get into heaven though the colored ones will have to sit at a different table than the rest of us, just kidding.

Oh, Abdul, we don't want you to dance to our beck and call any more.
We want you and the rest of your death-obsessed knuckledraggers to just die.
Shuffle off this mortal coil.
Stop wasting oxygen.
Become worm food.
Leave the rest of us alone. We want nothing to do with you or your gutter religion. (It became a gutter religion when your types dragged it there).
Go now to serve Allah, but go by yourself, unless you can convince about 5000+ Islamofascists that think as you do to go with you. The rest of the civilized world wants to stay here, thanks but no thanks.
And if you really want to dance, a GE MiniGun spits out a nice fast rhythm. Let's see if you can keep ahead of it...
You are judged by the company you keep.
You live with scum....

In a way it's really too bad because while I suspect the majority of Musims are good people they will not say anything because they are too terrified to do so....because of fear of religious persecution from within...which is why the whole shebang is evil.

Just 1 hour ago BBC TV news reported the arrests in some detail.. but neglected to mention the Islamic connection.
I mean, how patronising can you get - you tell the viewers the guy is called Muhammed but don't bother to refer to it again. When nobody knew who the killer was, the news was happy to speculate that it must be some kind of redneck gun nut, and now we know who it seems to be, nobody wants to talk about why any more.
Tony Blair's given England this good image on the war on terrorism, but the reality is that almost the whole country is making like an ostrich. If only the Islamofascists would blow up the BBC HQ....

As these Muslim atrocities mount, you are going to feel harsher towards the MURDER cult. Why not take the nastification leap now?

It's important to remember that not all Muslims are terrorists. But on the flip side, it's hard to deny that nearly all terrorists are Muslims.

F*ck these dog c*ck sucking pigs in the *ss with a monkey d*ck. Death and destruction on them and on their families. They want death so give it to them in spades. This has got to end. Crap, every time I pick up the paper, turn on the new it is nothing but islam this and islam that. Crap, soon I will be able to speak arabic because of the damn news broadcasts alone. Angry? F*ckin' A I'm angry. Hatefull? Not quite but I'm getting there.

Ugh. We need an Allah-vaccine to cure the Allah-virus....

There is only one thing these retards understand - force. And if force isn't working, it is only because we are not using enough.
They don't care about their own lives....fine. They have relatives, and their holy sites. They want to take our lives, which are precious to us - they should be prepared to lose things which are precious to them. It is not our fault their priorities are so dorked up that a big black rock sticking out of the ground is the most valued item in their society.
At least knowing that this places are on the table as far as being obliterated should keep their craziness in check.

If anything has to be nuked, nuke the house of Saud.

One more thing about the nuking: if they do detonate one in a major city, then forget all I said and reduce the Arabian Peninsula into a smoking crater.
About vaporizing Mecca, which NC thinks is such a bad idea because it will lead to a true "clash of civilizations."
I have a revised strategy that will eliminate this consequence.
Nuke Mecca, Medina, and Qom (the Shi'ite holy city). With a Trifecta we demoralize them rather than energize them.
Of course, we would nuke the Pakis as well, or just remove the cuffs that we've put on the Indians and Israelis.

Off topic, but I can't help it. I see a parallel in Anil and "the sniper". He comes in, takes pot shots and then sits back and basks in the tumult. It seems to me that he enjoys rubbing a dog's fur the wrong way just to get a reaction. Is it the sense of empowerment? Is it ego? Whatever his rationale, you can be sure it is irrational.

Somebody should tell those kids that if there is a J-E-W hiding behind those trees, they are wearing body armor, have a comm link up to the IAF and IDF and have MUCH superior firepower. You kiddies still wanna play 'tag' with them?

These peaceful, tolerant posts have all been posted over at Little Green Footballs since Charles' "last word on the subject."

Comments are open and unmoderated, although obscene or abusive remarks may be deleted. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of Little Green Footballs.

I can only assume you don't find these obscene or abusive Charles, since you have been moderating the posts, but didn't delete the above.

Look at this picture. Look at the woman's expression. What do you see? Charles, meek and mild, sees:

Even in this small image you can see the ghoulish delight in the eyes of the woman at left, looking at the simulated organs and body parts flying through the air.


I wonder what the rush is to code the evidence eliminator, I mean, the program to clean out the comments section every 30 days?

- Eric A. Blair

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