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Saturday, October 26, 2002


Warblogger eulogy for Senator Wellstone:

Senator Wellstone, his wife, one of his daughters and 8 unnamed staffers died today in a tragic plane crash.

I am saddened to hear the news and my Christian heart goes out to the families and friends affected by the horror of this tragedy. May the Lord God lend you strength in the horrid and trying times to come.

That being said, I cannot find it in my heart to babble on about what a great loss to the nation that Sen. Wellstone's death was, 'coz it wasn't.

Sen. Wellstone was quite prepared to sell my fellow citizens down the river by opposing a pre-emptive strike against one of the most psychopathical murderers of our times, just so he could polish his halo and say that he was "against war".

He would happily condemn millions of my fellow countrymen to death in a chemical, biological or nuclear Hell to advance his own self-righteousness.

I don't give a flying fuck whether his stand was "principled" or "unaffected by pollsters", the only thing I care about is that he was ready to trade the lives of my two little boys for the transient glory of having been "moral".

As far as I'm concerned, this piece of traitorous shit can rot in Hell forever, I'm not ever going to say something nice about a load of crap that was willing to trade the future of my two boys for the fake halo of being "principled".

You can rot in Hell, Senator Wellstone, I couldn't care less.

But I DO care about your family and I pray that they will make it safely through the horrible times ahead.

But you, Sen. Wellstone, your death is not a "loss" to the nation, it's a a gain.

Shocked, but not surprised, just another deluded howl in the increasingly evil and sick cesspool that is warblogging.

- Eric A. Blair

Update: I wonder whom Lilek's latest Bleat is about?

This all seems obvious; why bring it up? I don’t know. I read stuff here and there that took glee in Wellstone’s death. Some folk seemed to think that a refusal to bury the hatchet and mutter the funeral liturgy was a Brave Stance, that the times cried out for a Truth Teller who branded Wellstone as the treasonous hell-bound scoundrel he really was. But there’s nothing brave about that. There’s no consequence aside from a few angry emails, scowls in the comments section, removal from a few visitors' bookmark lists. None of these people, if they had the opportunity, would say it to the face of anyone who had a loved one die in the plane crash. Hey, our prayers are with you, but I still think the man should writhe for eternity under Satan’s hoof. Sorry, but someone has to say it. They’d hold their tongue - either their own sense of decency would win the moment, or shame and cowardice would close their throat.

Of course, most commentators never have to worry about meeting anyone who suffered from Friday’s tragedy.

But it can be arranged. Interested?

The trouble with dancing on Wellstone’s grave is that you have to walk over several other graves to get there. The wife, the daughter, the aides, the pilots. Yes, yes, everyone’s sad they died, but that has nothing to do with the pernicious effects of the man’s beliefs, does it. Well, aside from the pilots, they all believed as Wellstone did. If he’s a traitor, a collectivist, a tyrant, a Stalin-in-shortpants, then they should join him in hell. No, they were just citizens, they didn’t have the power he had. Yes, the power to be half of the coalition that lost every 98-2 vote in the Senate. Get real. When he clambered out on the far boughs, he was usually alone. When he voted with the majority he did so in accordance with the issues of the party which, like it or not, represents the opinions of half of the country. For this he should go to hell? Okay, maybe not, but really: in the end run we’re better off that he’s dead. Cold but true.

Then that goes for all who believe as he did - including the young campaign aide on the trip, a guy in his early 20s. He believed a lot of nonsense. When I was his age I believed a lot of nonsense too. Perhaps the world would have been better if I’d gone down in a bog while I believed stupid things; there was no guarantee I’d ever change my mind, after all. There’s certainly no guarantee this young man wouldn't have changed his.

On Saturday we learned that this young man was a very close friend of a member of my wife’s family. It was one of those phone conversations where you get the entire gist by watching your wife’s face, listening to the few words she musters. I suppose I should be pleased, in an abstract way, since this means that there’s one less person to spread what I believe is a counterproductive approach to economics and domestic security. I suppose I should refuse to call him a good kid too, since he believed what his mentor believed. I suppose I should put on my best Mr. Potter face and snort that he got what comes to fools, and content myself with the knowledge that the Republic is better off without his breed of starry-hearted Tinkerbells.

But I can’t. You want to give it a try? Knock yourself out. Yank open the morgue drawer and shout at the dead. And if that strikes you as Brave, and that’s what you call Principle, and you believe this is the necessary reaction to the senseless expense of human life:


Some events trancend petty little right/left squabbles. May Senator Wellstone and those who died with him rest in Peace. Condolances to their family and friends.

- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •

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