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Tuesday, April 30, 2002


The anti-warblogger network (axis?) of terror is widening. I introduce you to Roy Edroso, who bombs the competition with intelligence and wit over at Crank Watch. Here's some great mockery of that apple of every warblogger's eye, Captain Lileks:

"I hate to keep harping on Jim Lileks, here and at my own site, but I can't help it. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune columnist is in so many ways the perfect poster boy for the warbloggers--a well-spoken, suburban pop culture nerd who, when roused by liberals, becomes a truculent and incoherent jingo--that I feel a journalistic duty to stay on his case. With luck, and a few more mood swings, Lileks may turn out to be my GI Joe, or Gibson Girl--a character that becomes a symbol for the age that yielded him or her up, and his or her observer's fortune."

"A few days ago Lileks watched that 9/11 TV thing (on HDTV with surround sound, one supposes) and commented on the sound of the falling bodies at the World Trade Center: 'Who, having seen the bodies hit, could ever sleep again without hearing the sound? How many good men are going to eat the barrel in six years just to make the sound stop?'
That second sentence is classic Lileks--Xbox-addicted fanboy turns into Robert Mitchum, talks of eating the barrel! (Hands shaking, the rummy croaks, 'I was a good man once--did my part for the war, beat up Ted Rall--then I saw that TV show...' Runs his hands through his hair, screams: "I can't get it out of my head!") But the first sentence is, for us true fans, even more interesting: It fetches the image of Lileks, bedded down for the night, haunted by a self-generated serenade of watermelons striking concrete at high speed.
The resulting sleeplessness has had an effect, it seems. In a more recent web entry, Lileks states the following: 'It's been snowing for eleven hours - and the skies just lit up with a flash of lightning. Followed by, predictably, thunder. In a snowstorm. The flash gave me a sudden spasm of duckencoveritis before I realized it is highly unlikely anyone will nuke Minneapolis...' One pauses to wonder, does anyone else in Minneapolis over the age of five mistake thunderstorms for nuclear explosions?"

- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •

Monday, April 29, 2002


I recieved an e-mail from Justin from which contained a response to a David Carr post over at Liberventionist Samizdata:

Sometimes you can gain amazing insight into a person's
whole mentality from merely a simple posting on
Libertarian Samizdata -- such as David Carr's recent
diatribe directed at And what a statist
mentality it is -- influenced, perhaps, by a bit of
the typical British "cane-the-wogs" and
long-live-the-Empire arrogance.

He cites a headline we gave to a story about how
airplane parts from US fighter jets are falling on the
hapless heads of America's colony at Okinawa: "Latest
US Menace to Okinawa: Falling Jet Parts," and then
quotes a US military spokesman as if he were the fount
of all wisdom to the effect that " injuries or
damage and said the incidents posed no threat to the
local community."

Naturally, he doesn't identify the quote as coming
from a representative of the US government. But Carr
is more than just merely a dishonest prick. He also
ignores the rest of the article, which cites
theKiyoshi Akamine,
Okinawa City’s chief of base relations, as saying
"This is a problem." Oh, but who are the Japs to say
that? "Oh," the insufferable Carr writes, "the
inhumanity! Oh the oppression!"

Listen, Carr: American GIs have been raping Okinawan
women, robbing people, pushing them around for YEARS
-- and, you know what, the Japanese people don't like
it. What a surprise! And they also think junk falling
out of the sky and quite possibly landing on their
heads is "a problem" -- no matter how much our
government reassures them that it's not a problem.
Now, I suppose those Japs should just shut up and take
it -- them being wogs and all. But, somehow, they
don't see it that way.

So the military occupation of Japan -- HALF A CENTURY
after the end of WWII -- is just "one of the perils of
modernity"? Get a clue, Carr.

By the way, "the thrust and complaint of the
antiwarriors," in this case, is NOT "directed directed
at the extent to which traditional civil liberties in
the USA have been traduced." The occupation of Okinawa
is an affront to the Japanese, not the Americans
(except insofar as American taxpayers have to pay for
for it, including the cost involved in defending the
lowlife rapists and other thugs stationed there).

Oh, so we aren't "taken seriously by serious people,"
eh? Boo hoo hoo! James Taranto and the War Street
Journal have called us "cranks," and Mr. Amen Corner
Carr has dutifully taken up the cry: well, then, why
bother? Something is sticking in your arrogant craw,
Carr, or else why not pass this over as easily as one
would the ravings of Lyndon LaRouche? What's really
crankish, however, is a "libertarian" citing a US
government spokesman (without identifying him) as the
Last Word in aviation safety (what a joke!) and
pretending that his little blog, which gets a few
thousand hits per week, is more significant than a
site that gets that much in 5 minutes.

Airplane parts falling on the heads of the local
yokels? Oh, who cares, says the Colonial Administrator
Carr -- let the wogs be grateful for the scrap metal!

Gee, now I fully realize, on an emotional as well as
an intellectual level, why we had a revolution over
here and kicked those snot-nosed Brits the hell out of
our country -- and here's hoping the Okinawans will
one day rise up in the spirit of a similar rebellion.

No, it's not enough to come out for drug legalization
and cloning (fer chrissake!) -- conquering people, and
then subjecting them to constant humiliation ISN'T
"libertarian." What's sickening is that one is forced
to point this out to people who claim to be

Yes, Mr. Carr, the furrow that you plough is not
"lonely" -- you have plenty of company in cheering on
the American Empire as it rapes, wrecks, and rains
junk down on the heads of its hapless victims. The War
Street Journal, Fatso Taranto, Bill Bennett, and the
rest of America's international Amen Corner. But, you
know what? I prefer to be "lonely," as you put it, in
this particular case. Why don't you make the most of

• • • • •

Thursday, April 25, 2002


A kind reader pointed me in the direction of a blog that tracks and critiques the New York Sun; the new right wing bird cage liner that has the warbloggers creaming in their knickers. It's called Like Father, Like Sun and it looks great:

"The Sun makes much of that great moral arbiter George Bush’s assessment of Ariel Sharon as a man of peace, while not designating Yasser Arafat similarly. We, of course, knew this already, though the Palestinians, through a series of tragic misapprehensions, have been hereto unable to get their collective head around the fact. Ever since Mr. Sharon’s misunderstood meet-and-greet session at Haram esh-Sharif, the Palestinians have proven themselves singularly unable to make proper sense of the man’s actions and motivations. Mr. Sharon’s overtures of peace – delivered mostly via mortar or through affable bulldozer-operating intermediaries – have yet to find proper and gracious receipt. Instead, the Palestinians prove unable to overcome ancient history, baying about remote events such as the delivery of the Kahan Commission's findings and Arafat’s receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize.
Rachel Kovner, who is your daddy and what does he do?"

"The Sun takes until page six to begin warmongering today. Seth Lipsky’s hostility to any truncation of Ariel Sharon’s war – which has devastated both the Israeli and Palestinian economies – is patent. Not content with just one murderous campaign in progress, Mr. Lipsky allows us a glimpse into the “strategic circles outside of the administration in Washington” in which he operates, cloak-dagger-and-fedora-style. Within those circles, plans are being readied for another intrusion upon the affairs of a foreign country: the provocation of a civil war in Saudi Arabia to break up the kingdom a la Yugoslavia. Lipsky’s appetite for adventurism is nearly on parity with Michael Steinhardt’s appetite for fudge. Can’t we simply find bin Laden first?"

Awesome! Fight the power comrade!
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •

Wednesday, April 24, 2002


The winner of the Warblogger Watch contest . . . GODLESS CAPITALIST! Here's what he wrote:

"Not only am I a capitalist and war-supporter, I'm also a geneticist who believes that there are significant biological differences between races and sexes. This alone should rank me with Satan and Adam Smith in your constituency's eyes. Consider me a cross between Ariel Sharon and Arthur Jensen."

Congrats, Satan!
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •

Monday, April 22, 2002


Pro-death blogger opinions about the anti-capitalist, pro-palistinian protests:

Tim Blair: "Marching and chanting as therapy. Was it ever about anything else for these foam-skulled '60s peace guppies?"
Randy Balko (sic!): "In my mind, I've always thought that leftist protest events inevitably yield hot, free spirited hippie chicks. Isn't that the way it is on TV? You know, girls with lose morals, lose clothes, and long, flowing, sun bleached hair? Man, was I ever wrong. We got unshaved fat girls falling out of their clothes."
Protein Wisdom: "Diverse groups, and yet a homogeneous odor: Oiled-over funk commingled with shit-spewing ignorance."
"…Solidarity my ass, pal. These freaks’re out to score some weed, maybe beg a handjob off of some unwashed protest-whore or other. These poseurs could give two shits about you and your cause. All they want is pictures of themselves looking political so that they can post ‘em on internet and mortify Mommy and Daddy."

It appears that the warbloggers seem to have an obsession with the supposed body odor of the anti-war protesters. But considering the foot and shoe fetish that's been the talk of the warblogs lately, I shouldn't be surprised.
-Eric A. Blair

• • • • •

Sunday, April 21, 2002


Don't forget, the Warblogger Watch contest winnner will be announced Wednesday. The entries are coming in, so don't miss this opportunity to promote your pro-death blog! To enter, send an explanation of why you should be on Warblogger Watch (100 words or less) and your URL to the e-mail address at the bottom of the page.
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


John Robb joins Slick Willie Quick and calls for the death of Arafat:

"A true masterstroke would be to eliminate Arafat (hey, I'm a ex-special ops guy so this is the way I think), withdraw from the territories according to the Clinton plan, and call in US/NATO troops/advisors to manage the Palestinian territories and set up a stable situation. All within a two month period. Don't give the Palestinians or the Arab world time to think about it. Just do it. Frankly, most of the Arab world, at least at the leadership level doesn't like Arafat. He can cause disruption in their societies at a drop of a hat. However, they need a figleaf.Too bad that Sharon doesn't have it in him to do this. Well... perhaps the first step only. The downside is that we see Israel and Palestine continue on the present course. Eventually someone will detonate something other than a simple bomb that causes mass deaths in Israel (Type III terrorism models predict this). Israel will retaliate with nukes against sponsor states and everything gets worse from there."

Welcome to the strange and warped world of the pro-death bloggers where the assasination of elected officials is as casually discussed as regular people discuss what they had for lunch or what video they watched the night before.
Thanks to Shelby for the link.
- Eric. A. Blair

• • • • •


Reagan-lover PenjmanPundit thinks that other writers of much greater renown are being influenced by his work. First it was momma's boy Goldberg:

"JONAH GOLDBERG IS A PLAGIARIST Look at the title of his latest column ("Then Baghdad Delenda Est" - EAB) look at the war cry of one of my late night screeds (NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP -EAB) notice any similarities?"

Now it's pro-death blogger hero Mark Steyn:

MARK STEYN MUST READ PEJMANPUNDIT . . . After all, it is the only way to explain the following paragraph from his latest column:
In the British accounts of the alleged worst human-rights atrocity since, oh, the Dutch took charge at Srebrenica, you can't help noticing a curious sameness. All reports rely on the same couple of eyewitnesses -- "Kamal Anis, a labourer" (The Times), "A quiet, sad-looking young man called Kamal Anis" (The Independent), "Kamal Anis, 28" (The Daily Telegraph) -- and the same handful of victims -- "A man named only as Bashar once lived there" (The Telegraph), "the burned remains of a man, Bashar" (The Evening Standard), "Bashir died in agony" (The Times). You'd think with so many thousands massacred there'd be a bigger selection of victims and distraught loved ones, wouldn't you? But apparently not. I do hope Fleet Street's herd-like experts aren't falling for the old native spin machine yet again -- cf. "the mighty Pashtun warrior, humbler of empires"; "the brutal Afghan winter"; etc.
Compare this with my post of a few days ago, and you will see that I noticed all of this first. Then consider the fact that the Professor linked to me on this story, add to that the reasonable supposition that Steyn read the Professor, and it becomes PERFECTLY GODDAMNED CLEAR THAT MARK STEYN READS PEJMANPUNDIT!!!!!!!!!
(*Claps hands in delight. Runs around room in glee. Stops, thrusts pelvis backwards and forwards, simulates butt-spanking of another by waving open palm to and fro, and cries out "Who's your Daddy?!?! Who's your Daddy?!?!" ad infinitum*)

I don't know whether his claims are valid or not, but I do know that Pejman feels unloved by his fellow pro-death bloggers:

"Don't you love me anymore? Don't you care? Have you lost that special feeling? Is there another bald, dwarfish, Persian-Jewish-American blogger with conservative political leanings that has stolen your heart? Tell me it isn't so! Give me another chance!
I can change. Really. Just write back and show me you care!!!"

Hey Pejman. I care.
- Eric. A Blair

• • • • •

Saturday, April 20, 2002


A message to Commander Reynolds from Anton Riviera:

Aren't you the big man? I suspected that I may have stung, and your
attempt to hang me out to dry is faintly amusing. Though you might have
had the decency to reply in person before setting the pack of rabid dogs
on me.

Firstly, 'little brown people' is quite your own term, not mine, which
says something about the way you distort anything that doesn't parrot
your own opinions. (Really, next time, try reading with your eyes, not
your prejudices. It might help.) You're the one belittling them; I
simply note that they're not, for instance, white journalism professors with
a bad case of logorrhea.

Secondly, saying that you 'must have forgotten my many
pro-dictatorship, pro-Taliban posts on InstaPundit back in the early 1990s' is evasion
of the most blatant and risible kind. My argument had nothing to do
with whatever rubbish you were writing ten years ago
('slightly-less-insta-pundit', I suppose). Instead, it simply notes that you and your little
circle are now condemning the first and most significant critics of
regimes that you now latch upon, in the apparant assumption that you're
doing something innovative. Sorry, Amnesty was there first. And what they
said about Saudi Arabia ten years ago, and what they say about Saudi
Arabia now, is based on the same principles used to criticise Israel
today. To coin a phrase, 'when you criticise someone for things you ignore
in others, it raises certain doubts.' Particularly when it's for the
things you ignore in yourself. But as La Rochefoucauld said, 'hypocrisy
is the tribute that vice pays to virtue'.

(Oh, just in case you missed them: Amnesty on Saudi Arabia --
- - -- and the Palestinian Authority --
A more even-handed assessment than some sources.)

To answer John Dowling: I'm not convinced that the conditions in
post-Taliban Afghanistan will prevent it from reverting to the different, but
equally abhorrent conditions of post-Soviet and pre-Taliban
Afghanistan. To re-educate an entire generation brought up on war takes more than
a military effort.

As for Luke Pingel: anyone who uses the term 'Leninist' as a retort
without tongue in cheek has problems that I can't possibly address. Oh,
and for him to castigate my 'disrespectful' use of language and yet
accuse the left of being 'smelly' rather undermines any claim to moral
authority that he might have hoped for. Anyway, if he wants to get in touch,
I'll send him a gift membership to Amnesty, just to show that the
silence of which he accuses the left was in fact the sound of the right with
its fingers in its ears.

Racist left? Oh, what a master of the cheap and empty shot you are.
Spoken like a true hypocrite.

Oh, and do sell more t-shirts, won't you? Your fifteen minutes are
almost up.


• • • • •

Friday, April 19, 2002


Anti-semitism! Anti-semitism! Anti-semitism! Jenin wasn't a massacre! Jenin wasn't a massacre! Jenin wasn't a massacre! Cynthia McKinny is crazy! Cynthia McKinny is crazy! Cyhthia McKinny is crazy! The CAIR poll is a fraud! The CAIR poll is fraud! The CAIR poll is a fraud! The NY Sun is great! The NY Sun is great! The NY Sun is great!

There you go, dear readers. Warblogger Watch has just saved you the tediousness of going through the warblogs today.
- Eric. A. Blair

• • • • •


Ken Layne writes:

"PS: I've kissed these girls and you haven't. And at least one of them is my attorney."

- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


The Letter From Gotham warblog has died. Why?:

"I'm just tired."

Farewell to a warblog that I never read.
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •

Wednesday, April 17, 2002


Since I'm still recieving e-mails from warbloggers begging and baiting me to put their URL's up on Warblogger Watch, I've decided to hold a contest. Send me the URL of your bloodblog and explain to me in 100 words or less why you should be up on Warblogger Watch. The winner will be the sole entry at Warblogger Watch next Wednesday. Get scribbling, killbloggers!
- doing his part for the meritocracy, Eric. A. Blair

• • • • •


I want to put togther a book of the best anti-war blogging, with the profits going to anti-war organizations etc. Send you nominations to the e-mail address at the bottom of the page and I'll put them up at the Anti-War Blog Book site. Take blogging back from the deathbloggers!
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


Over at the Corner, momma's boy Jonah Goldberg discovers the cause of Palestinian suffering:

"Yesterday The New York Times had a long, very sympathetic article on the plight of Palestinian refugees. I don't want to dismiss the idea that these people are actually living in a bad way. Of course they are. But take a look at this paragaph:

'The children always ask us why we live in such misery,' said Khalil Ghadallah al-Fayoumi, 53, a teacher in Baqaa, speaking of his brood of 19.
'I tell them because we are not living on our land,' he said. 'I tell them they will live in their country in a comfortable way, but it is occupied. You live on 90 square meters because someone else took thousands of meters of your land.'

Um, did it ever occur to this guy -- or, say, The New York Times -- that maybe having nineteen kids might have something to do with his troubles? 'Now kids, share that egg! There's enough for everybody!'"

It has nothing to do with the Israeli occupation, huh? What a racist scumbag!
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •

Tuesday, April 16, 2002


Since the warblogger geeks lately have been wasting their time writing about my spelling and grammar rather than topics of consequence, like how their pro-war exhortations have influenced public opinion to support the Israeli occupation and thus the war crimes in Jenin, I think it's fitting to reprint a post I made to the Warblogger Watch Yahoo group a few days ago:

"What's with the anal obsession the warbloggers have with the looseness of my spelling and grammar? Honestly, you sound like a bunch spinster elementary school teacher virgins. I'm blogging fast, loose, and fun, and that's why I'm 100% more entertaining to read than the tiresome 2000 word "this is how I'd invade Iraq" posts that seem to be all the rage lately. Save the strategy for you Friday night chips, pop and RISK game parties and maybe you can get someone
other than the cousin you're dating to read it."

From what I can tell, the warblogger fad has peaked out. The "A-list" has been taken up by the right-wing rapture to Fox News heaven, leaving the rest behind to fend for themselves. I give this fad six months to totally exhaust itself, and that's being generous.
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


Sgt. Stryker packs it in:

"Blogging's a flash in the pan. The better writers will get hired by traditional sources to write on the web or in print. More and more journalists will start up "blogs", and soon everyone else will hop on the bandwagon. Those blogs will be bland because they will want to have broad appeal. Most everyone else around right now will soon get bored, get jobs or get jiggy doing something else. Blogs as we know them will probably morph into something else and people will look back on these things like they do the old 'zines."

And actually (I think) defends Warblogger Watch!:

"Dr. Weevil does a breakdown of that warbloggerwatch dude's grammar. Man, he'd have a coniption fit with my writing.
You know, a lot of the criticism directed against our erstwhile critic are a bit unfair, and somewhat hypocritical. The most common judgement is that he's stupid, and there might be something to that, especially if your definition of stupid is someone who refuses to think rationally and/or does not wish to consider data that might contradict their beliefs.
The wierdest criticisms though, are those that slam him for not using his real name. Uh, guys, in case you haven't guessed, my name isn't "John Stryker". Nobody seems to have trouble with me using a pseudonym. Is that because you like me or I say things you might agree with? If so, then you are being hypocritical for slamming someone else for doing the same thing. The only difference is you don't like him or agree with him.
How about the grammar? Mine certainly isn't the best, and my spelling is "creative", as my old English teacher used to say. Quite a few other blogs have a creative mastery over the English language as well, yet when I see them quoted, I don't see that little bugger of annoyance called the "(sic)" dropped in every fourth word. Ah, that little bit of Latin that let's you the reader know that yes, I have recognized this glaring error and am now pointing it out so you don't think that I actually wrote that.
So if you're going to slam the guy, at least be fair by slamming him for what he says, not for how he says it and under what name he decides to use."

Farewell to John Stryker, the ONE warblogger who actually has the cajones to practice what he preaches!
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


Aw, this is kind of cute. "Osama Bin Laden" writes:

"Why is Osama's blog not listed at Warblogger Watch? There is no more pro-war blog than "osama's bin bloggin". Heck, I started the whole war back on Sept. 11 with my sneak attack on America. Well, okay, I didn't start the war - it has been a low-intensity conflict for decades - but I did take it to a whole new level of violence. And daily I'm exhorting Muslims everywhere to take up arms and crush the infidels. War! Kill Americans! War! Kill Jews! War! Kill Our Own Kids With Dynamite Belt Packs! War! Kill! Destroy Civilization! Death to America! Make Bombs Not Love! War! WAR! WARRRRRRR!
So why am I not listed at the anti-war Warblogger Watch blog?
Arafat tries to convince me not to feel slighted. After all, Pudge tells me, the WarBloggerWatch is designed to undermine the warblogs of our enemy. But Osama still feels snubbed. :-("

There you go, kid.
- Eric. A. Blair

• • • • •


Now that the reports of the massacre of Jenin are impossible to ignore (unless you want to engange in the rationalizations that Jewish holocaust deniers engage in; like believing that all witness accounts are just the propaganda of a vast media conspiracy), Shakespeare Sullivan is now seriously wobbling on his support of the Sharon pogrom:

"What doesn't make moral sense to me is the bull-dozing of houses, the humiliation of Palestinian civilians, and the brandishing of victory. Read today's Daily Telegraph, hardly a paper viscerally hostile to Israeli, and you'll see what I mean. I agree with Paul Wolfowitz who said yesterday, "Innocent Palestinians are suffering and dying in great numbers as well. It is critical that we recognize and acknowledge that fact." (The boos that greeted those remarks were disgraceful.) I understand the emotions behind Israel's need to defeat terror and show resolve. But some of the excess is misguided and wrong - in terms of Israel's image, morality, and simple political sense."

To give you an idea of what is causing Shakespeare to so furiously backpedal, read this account of Jenin from UK Independant:

"A quiet. sad-looking young man called Kamal Anis led us across the wasteland, littered now with detritus of what were once households, foam rubber, torn clothes, shoes, tin cans, children's toys. He suddenly stopped. This was a mass grave, he said, pointing.
We stared at a mound of debris. Here, he said, he saw the Israeli soldiers pile 30 bodies beneath a half-wrecked house. When the pile was complete, they bulldozed the building, bringing its ruins down on the corpses. Then they flattened the area with a tank. We could not see the bodies. But we could smell them.
A few days ago, we might not have believed Kamal Anis. But the descriptions given by the many other refugees who escaped from Jenin camp were understated, not, as many feared and Israel encouraged us to believe, exaggerations. Their stories had not prepared me for what I saw yesterday. I believe them now."

Warbloggers, the blood is on your hands. You helped create the war hysteria that silenced criticism and created rationalizations for the murder of innocents. You can try to wash the blood off by saying, "sure I supported some of the war, but not that nasty killing of innocents part," but it's too late for that shit now.
You're all intelligent people: journalists, lawyers, computer programmers, soldiers, students, and yet you preferred to shove your head up the ass of the military propaganda machine and eat whatever ludicrous and unbelievable shit it spewed out instead of of clicking outside of your little warblogging circle to web sites where reports of atrocities were being reported daily. No! That would fuck up the little reality you created for yourselves and the mutual jerk-off sessions that propped up your damaged and stunted personalities.
But whatever. You'll rationalize the accounts away, say they're just propaganda, fall back on the twisted worldview that has carried you this far and return to creating your little blogosphere mutual rationalization society which drones on and on about the sin of moral equivelance, because without it how could you call for the death of human beings and still sleep at night without demonizing them as barbarian-savage-less-than-humans?
- disgusted by your coldness and ignorance, Eric. A. Blair

• • • • •

Monday, April 15, 2002


Charles Johnson thinks Arabs need to take a bath. Commenting on a picture of the Powell/Arafat meeting he writes:

"But this is our Secretary of State, surrounded by unwashed thugs and killers. What a lousy thing to see."

Racist scum like Charles Johnson are highly regarded in the warblogging community. What a lousy thing to see.
- Eric. A. Blair

• • • • •


I introduce you to the Brothers Judd:

"In Islam, we're told, martyrs get to go straight to Paradise. And the entire Islamic world apparently considers anyone the Israelis kill to be a martyr. So maybe you can explain this to me, if we're being respectful of Islamic beliefs, why is it a bad thing for the Israelis to kill them?"

Fishing for an IDF PR jobs, boys?
- Eric. A. Blair

• • • • •


And you wonder why I use a psuedonym. Here's a pleasant little thought from one of Commader Reynold's fans, Peter Briffa, who runs "Britain's Most Reactionary Website":

"I was once in a cinema, having been given a free ticket to see the dreadful Spielberg movie Amistad. There, a couple of rows ahead of me, stood Tom Paulin, looking sulky, and armed with a Styrofoam cup of coffee. If only I'd known he was going to be there then I could have stuck a few sticks of dynamite in my pocket and blown us all to shreds. Of course the world would then have been deprived of my wonderful weblog , but hey, we British Imperialists have to make that kind of utilitarian calculation all the time."

- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •

Sunday, April 14, 2002


The magnetic poles must have shifted or something. Daddy Warblogs' thoughts on Chomsky and free speech seem reasonable and sane:

"Now listen, fellow denizens of the blogosphere, this is getting a little out of hand now. Are we really so bereft of proper targets that we have to waste time on this bogey-hunt? So Noam Chomsky's been 'adopted' by the Friends of Oswald Mosley (both of them?) because of his defence of the free-speech rights of Professor Robert Faurisson, a Holocaust-denier. It's the classic tactic of noxious idiotarians (like the Friends) to co-opt the principle of free speech - it's like a detergent to them, washing their bizarre antics whiter-than-white - and clutch desperately at anyone from the real world who notices them. We know this - don't we? So why attack Chomsky over it?"

"I think the reason Chomsky makes a point of defending the most prickly individuals is that they are the best test-cases for free speech. Any Joe Sixpack can defend free speech when it's uncontroversial speech, but uncontroversial speech, or the expression of views for which there is widespread tolerance, is no test of liberty."

We'll make a comrade out of you yet, Daddy! But first you have to change your name. How does Brother Proleblog sound?
- see you at the meeting, Eric. A. Blair

• • • • •


Sniff sniff. Is that crack I smell coming from the Captian's quarters of the USS Clueless? Check this out:

"Arafat is a master of the double meaning and of wink-wink. For instance, you will certainly have noticed how the towel from his head-dress (there's probably a name for it but I don't know what it is) is always carefully draped over his right shoulder? It's in the shape of Israel – all of Israel – and it's an unspoken visual signal to his supporters that communicates 'Don't worry about the words I'm using right now; we're definitely going to take it all.'"

Hmm. Sounds a little paranoid to me. I wonder of the Captain spends most of his free time staring at porn pictures on the internet hoping that hidden Al-Qaeda battle plans will suddenly pop out like the pictures in those 3-D books?
- Eric. A. Blair

UPDATE: I've recieved a few e-mails stating that Arafat does indeed spend a great deal of time before public appearances shaping his keffiyeh so it looks like Palestine. Whether the shape of the keffiyeh is intended to send a signal to his followers to take all of Israel, or if that is just the delusion of the Captain's, is still up for debate.

• • • • •


I've noticed a few genocidebloggers have been spending their days denying the holocaust in Palestine. They use the same sick tricks that the deranged deniers of the Jewish holocaust use: claiming media bias (instead of Jewish controlled media as the reason, now it's controlled by pro-Palestinians), doubting eyewitness accounts, claiming lack of proof, blaming the massacre on the work of soldiers who are operating independantly of their commaders, calling the massacre "just rumours." Why do you think they IDF isn't letting journalists into the camp? Why are journalists being met at the entrance to the camps by spin doctors? Why are they shooting them? How long will it be before the massmurderbloggers start up the blog equivalant of the Journal for Historical Review? Maybe you could get Fred Leuchter to go over there and do some research for you, I'm sure he's free. Here's a few Palestinian holocaust deniers and apologists that I've come across so far today. I'll add to the list as the day goes on:

Damien Penny. Daddy Warblogs. Tal G. V. Valberg.

See Damien? You've finally made it to Warblogger Watch, now quit yer whinin'!
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


Tortureblogger Andrew Hofer believes that Zacarias Moussaoui isn't getting the treatment he deserves in prison. He thinks we should,

"Sever some limbs, or behead him in public without a trial. Or shove computer equipment up his posterior."

Attaboy, Andrew! Thanks for doing your part to turn America into military dictatorship where the torture of political prisoners is seen as commonplace instead of criminal! It's funny how the torturebloggers lust after the rollback of humane treatment of prisoners/citizens/humans in America then use the same lack of of humane treatment in other countries to justify invading them.
- still puzzled by warblogger logic, Eric. A. Blair

• • • • •

Saturday, April 13, 2002


Looking over the bloggers Views at Fox News I see the usual suspects: Ken Layne, Will Vehrs, Rand Simberg, Tim Blair and others. The first thing I'm struck by is how mediocre and third-rate the writing is. That's too (sic!) be expected, I suppose. When a new technology is introduced, those who are associated with it often get a free ride of the coattails of the new technology's adoration. As the technology integrates itself into society and loses its novel luster, a more critical examination of those who have attached itself to it naturally follows. Eventually blogging will become as ubiquitious as e-mail, and when that day comes Fox Bloggers, I just hope for the sake of your children's private schooling savings fund that you didn't quit you day job.

I have more thoughts on how understanding the Fox News warbloggers gives you the key to understand the strange behavior of the blogging foot soldiers, the sadness that Arafat's statement brought to my bloodthirsy blogbuddies, and the curious denial of the reports of mass graves and murders commited by the IDF, but it's a beautiful Saturday, I'm alive and in too good of a mood to waste this night slogging through the RISK board game rantings of nihilistic impotent jerks.
- until tomorrow, Eric A. Blair

• • • • •

Friday, April 12, 2002


Something is goin' on. I feel the winds of change blowing through the warblogs. First it was Shakespeare Sullivan's realization that the continuation of the Israeli offensive might lead to some kind of insane world conflict that would disasterous for us all and lead to unbelieveable amounts of human misery and suffering (see below) and now I find that Daddy Warblogs faith in the sanity of the Israeli military operation in Palestine is being shaken by the fact that mass graves filled with Palestinians civilians are being found:

"As much as I support Israel's cause at the present time, I'm not prepared to support any action whatsoever in the pursuit of that cause, and that includes the deliberate killing of civilians. Which is why I hope that rumours of IDF forces trying to conceal bodies in bulldozed graves in Jenin are just that: rumours. The possibility that Israel - a civil, democratic, open society - could stoop as low as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al-Aqsa, al-Qa'eda and their kind makes my stomach turn. The mud of inhumanity sticks well enough to them without Israel smearing itself with the same filth.

Tell me it isn't so."

I'm sorry to inform you Daddy, but sadly, it appears to be true. This is from the Guardian:

"Some of the wrecking missions were launched while women and children were inside their homes. The operation began with rocketing from helicopter gunships and bulldozers moved in to finish the job.
They also told of the use of human shields for Israeli army patrols, and the random strafing of heavily populated civilian areas, killing elderly women and young boys and girls.
Those fleeing were dirty, exhausted and desperately hungry. Doctors in Jenin say 15 babies were sick after their mothers fed them powdered milk and sewage run-off from streets where bodies were left to rot for days.
A few also claimed to have witnessed a summary execution and the dumping of the dead - at least 150 Palestinians were killed in the camp by the Israeli army count - into mass graves."

From the Independant:

"The Palestinians are claiming that far more than 100 of their number were killed in Jenin. Many of those who fled say they saw civilians, including women, carelessly cut down. The last thing Israel wants the world to see are the bodies of women in the streets. Rumours abound that the bodies are being hidden, taken away in trucks and buried by Israeli soldiers.
But local Palestinians say they are not going to allow the Israelis to hide the evidence. They have painstakingly documented the stories of those who have fled the camp. They claim their notes account for about 200 dead. The Independent has seen the detailed handwritten notes."

This isn't about uprooting terrorist infrastructure, it's about extermination. That's not anti-semetic or anti-American, that's reality. That's why I started this blog, to do something to help move public opinion away from solutions that require vast amounts of humans being killed. To be against Sharon and his gangsters doesn't mean one automatically supports the PLO or Islamic Jihad. They're butchers too. It means being for life and against death. Daddy Warblogs, deep down inside, past your macho posturings I can tell there is someone who's disturbed by the mass slaughter of your fellow human beings. I stretch out my hand to that part of you. It's all right, I wont hurt you, there's no tricks up my sleeve. Warbloggers, for humanity's sake and the peace of future generations, come over to the other side.
- seriously for once, Eric. A. Blair

• • • • •


Warblogger Watch stands corrected. I erroniously reported that the picture of bombblogger Lilek with a model dressed as Laura Croft (scroll down to the bottom of the page) was taken at a comic book convention. It was actually taken at a toy fair:

"What an maroon (sic!) First of all, the picture was taken at Toy Fair, an annual convention that introduces the next generation of gotta-haves for America’s overindulged brattery; I’ve been to five Toy Fairs, and have had my picture taken with Enviroman, Mr. T, the Cowboys from Moo Mesa, the Power Rangers, various noble Klingons and too many others to mention. The pic was posted in reply to a Clueless post, and I hardly tried to convince anyone that she’s my girlfriend, nor would I want to, since it would reflect poorly on my wife - who is much better looking. And if I can grind it in a little harder, lads, each one of those trips to Toy Fair meant a trip to New York, all expenses paid, including liquor and supper anywhere I wanted. And all I had to do was write about clutching bored empty-headed rent-a-Laras."

I'll save my speculations on the reasons why a grown man goes to toy fairs and gets his picture taken with the Power Rangers for another day. That Lileks is into children's toys doesn't surprise me. Most of the warbloggers have confused video-games with reality, thinking that blowing away Arabs is as easy and cool as pressing the buttons on their Playstation 2. I don't see very many of the deathbloggers going down to the recruitment office to join up for the Empire's next invasion. They're more content to cheer the war from behind their laptops and let other young men get killed, tortured and raped. I guess it would be hard to play video games with only one arm, eh nerds?
- Eric A. Blair, government mole trying to discredit the anti-war movement by posing as an anti-war blogger and posting stupid commentary about the pro-war movement.

• • • • •


Lieutenant Tim Blair does his part for peaceful Saudi/America relations:

"We've always been told that poverty is the cause of terrorism. So what's the deal with the Rolls, the gold, and the millions of dollars, you goat-dicking Saudi sand scum?"

And this racist bastard has a Fox News column? Make sure you e-mail Fox Online and tell them how much you support the enlightened views of Lieutenant Blair.
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


Shakespeare Sullivan goes wobbly on his support for the Israeli massacre:

"I'd like to argue that Sharon is totally right, that the incursion is essential to restrain terrorism, that the military strategy can work, that Arafat can and should be ignored, that the Bush administration has been foolish to tack against the Israeli anti-terror mission. In my gut, I believe all those things. At the same time, it also seems to me that the logic of these events leads inexorably to a regional war with unimaginable consequences - the use of weapons of mass destruction in several countries, including Israel. Under those circumstances, it is not crazy for Washington to intervene to attempt to restrain the violence."

What's going on here? Are the warbloggers beginning to doubt the rationality of Sharon's Pogrom? How long will it be before a gang of killblogger clones show up at Shakespeare's door and haul him off to the re-education camps (or else pester him with endless annoying e-mails with subject lines like "Dude, you're such a fucking loser?")
- praying for Shakespeare's safety, Eric. A. Blair

• • • • •


"Aren’t I bloodthirsty enough?" The deathblogger over at Little Green Footballs wonders why he wasn't included on an early list of massacrebloggers:

"Well now, I guess I haven’t been paying attention, but I hear some anti-war weblogger guy put out a pathetic little enemies list? And LGF didn’t make the cut? What am I doing wrong? Aren’t I bloodthirsty enough?"

Yes you are! There you go Charles! You are now part of the A-list of bloodbloggers!
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •

Thursday, April 11, 2002


Man, the warblogger's reality is getting totally warped. Must be the internet addiction. Commader Reynold's commentary on the mass arrests of Palestinian males who have committed no crimes is truly bizarre. Check out this description of the roundups:

"That Friday, around noon, the soldiers broke in, turning over everything, smashing as they searched, taking all the cellphones in the apartment and arresting the four residents. Plastic handcuffs were used to tie their hands behind their backs. Their hands would remained cuffed behind his back for the next eight hours. Every slightest movement tightened the plastic grip on the wrists, Abu Farid would learn during the day. He was put on a truck, taken off it and taken into a school yard where the prisoners were gathered, held there for two hours without permission to use the toilets and told to shut up by the soldiers, before being loaded onto another truck and driven, his head hooded, to the prison encampment. At eleven that night, two soldiers spent a long time trying to take off his handcuffs, which had grown so tight around his wrists that his hands began turning blue. They even had difficulty cutting them off, he said, because the plastic was digging into his skin. They rehandcuffed him with his hands in front, but when they saw how blue his hands had turned, they let the handcuffs hang somewhat loosely. It was raining hard, and they were allowed to sit on olive cans, because the ground was muddy. Through the sack on his head he could make out the outlines of a basketball court. Everything was lit with powerful projectors. Later he was moved to a large shack, where the hood over his head was replaced by a blindfold. At a certain point he was photographed, with his name written in Hebrew on his chest (at least they didn't write it on his arm - E.A.B). Later they took his fingerprints. One by one, both hands, and the full palm."

At the prison camp the men were then checked out to see if the Israeli military has anything on them. If not, they were eventually released. Reynold's makes this out to be some kind if fucking humanitarian mission because the doctor was nice to the prisoners. Give me a fucking break! Commander Reynolds comments: "Yeah, sounds like a regular Second Holocaust to me." It doesn't sound like a democracy to me either. Sounds more like a military dictatorship. Unless this is some warped version of democracy that Reynold's and his sick ilk believe in, where Arabs are savages who don't deserve basic human rights and can be rounded up like cattle, exterminated like vermin. And if that's your killblogger vision of democracy for the USA, fuck you.
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


This morning the boys in warblogger war room (Commander Reynolds, Lieutenant Blair, Captain Welch and Sarge Stryker, just to name a few) are slapping each other's behinds in celebration over the anti-warblogging post over at Lilek's propaganda shop. There I learned that Lileks (scroll to the bottom of his page) frequents comic book conventions, get his pictures taken with the models there and tries to convince people that she's his girlfriend! Good job Lileks!
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •

Wednesday, April 10, 2002


Some battleblogger named David Joseph Greenbaum writes about peace activist Adam Shapiro (who committed the disgusting crimes of wanting to work for peace and being sympathetic to the Palestinian cause):

"I think Adam Shapiro is a chuckle-headed moron piece of shit, and he should be sanctioned in his community because of his poor political choices. And the parents who enabled same - they should be vehemently condemned. I think they should be publicly embarassed - ostracized. There should be no safe-harbor for self-hating yidlach inane stupidity."

RAWMUSLGLUTES, who kindly supplied the link, also writes "Adam's parents are now wandering Jews; they were forced to flee their New York City home because of death threats!" Nice people!
After he finishes spewing his bile, Dave adds:

"I told you that I am angry. Angry Angry Angry. And if I loose my rage, I will totally alienate a whole bunch of people."

Keep that boy away from a post-office!
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


Some intellegent and rational musing from Virulent Memes:

"Where the fuck did all these Humourless American Warbloggers come from? What a silly question, they come from Mars, or some doppelganger world somewhat reminiscient of the Christian music industry. (Strange, too, that they all seem to have their sites on Blogspot.) Basically, what we have here is a bunch of insular minded cretins who hate it when anyone says anything bad about the US, and seemingly quite sanguine about how the Bush administration is slowly transforming that bastion of the free world into a police state (just the way bin Laden wanted it), seem to have libertarianism confused with Randian conservatism, use 'liberal' liberally as an insult, incapable of dealing with subtle and complex arguments, accept kooky conspiracy theories as fact because it fits their agenda, and are particularly shonky about their factchecking, witness the way certain esteemed warbloggers seem to confuse Neale with some Eric Blair guy. In the past we wouldn't have heard a peep out of these buffoons, but one nice thing about the internet, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde's quote about journalists, is that by giving us the opinions of the uneducated, it keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community. Grow a brain."

Keep up the good work, comrade!
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


I'm beginning to suspect that crack abuse is rampant in the warbloggers barracks. Lieutenant Tim Blair fires off a post that states that a list of extermibloggers that I put together and put up on the Yahoo group is some hidden list of Nazimedia's (which again, I have zero connection to) most hated bloggers:

"THE McCARTHYITE LEFT. Clay Waters has gone behind enemy lines to retrieve this list of Indymedia's Most Hated Bloggers."

But I guess I shouldn't be surprised, research isn't the killbloggers strong point. It takes away too much precious time away from cheering on world war 3!
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


One interesting fun-fact I've come across slugging through the trenches of the warblogs is that Indymedia is affectionately called Nazimedia.

• • • • •


The captian of the appropriately named USS Clueless outlines his Israeli/Palestinian peace plan:

"Is there anything else [Israel] could do? It depends on how ruthless they want to be, and on whether they're willing to become a complete international pariah. If after every bombing they identified the bomber and then killed the bomber's entire family then the number of volunteers for bombing missions would collapse in fairly short order . . Of course, this would be a drastic step. It would truly anger outside countries. It would really harm Israel's diplomatic situation in the world. Unless, of course, all those things were already the case and Israel was already at rock bottom. In that case, there would be no cost at all (beyond the cost to the nation's conscience)."

Props to garetgarrett2 for the info.
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


Slick Willie still hates me but loves the fact that I'm "driving a fair amount of traffic in (his) direction." But he wont link back (neither will Commander Reynolds, it appears). How very STALINIST of you to restrict the free flow information and alternate viewpoints, boys. I'm hurt, but not surprised. But don't worry, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it, because the curious can just do a google search to find what you're talking about. Happy killblogging, blackshirts!
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


The patronizing and racist Asparagirl (don't you know that hiding behind a psudonym is like a terrorist hiding behind a ski mask, babe?) says that she's all for giving the Palestinians back their land (for shame! how wobbly of you!) but they're too backwards to create a political system to govern it:

"So when I hear Palestinians screaming in the streets or interviewed on the news saying they want Israel to get the hell out of the West Bank, but who also have no internal system in place, not even a nascent one, for potentially dealing with the resulting power vacuum that would create, much less running a country some day, it's telling. Who do they think is going to run the place once they don't have the Israelis to kick around anymore? Because I sure don't see various political candidates standing in the wings ready to take the reins. I wish there were. But all I see are terrorists and ex-terrorists, and no real representation for or of the Palestinian populace as a whole, unless you conclude that the terrorists do represent the populace as a whole, which is a mighty unpleasant thought. Are the people waving those Palestinian flags so that they can someday be the symbol of a new, living country, or are the flags just useful emblems of victimhood meant for propaganda instead of actual patriotism? To be blunt: do they really want their freedom? If so, how can they possibly explain the current disastrous political state of their would-be country?"

If Asparagirl would read something other than the side of a Frosted Flakes box, like a book or something, she might be able to find an explanation for the rough state of Palestinian politics beyond fantasies of Arab degeneracy. (hint: it might have something to do with the Israeli military and Mossad)
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


Thanks to Commander Reynolds I've found out that one his foot bloggers has done some of my work for me and compiled a dossier of perpetualwarblogger URLs! Good work boys and a girl or two.
- Play safe, and watch out for the Islamofascists hiding under your bed! Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


Go over to Slick Willie (the man who "coined the term blogosphere...") Quick's blog, scoll down and check out the Killblogger graphic some kind person made for him. Looks great Willie!
- Eric A. (not-a-kid) Blair

• • • • •


It is obvious that Warblogger Watch getting more attention beyond the incestious, backslapping, circle-jerk circle of the warbloggers, so if you sympathize with my cause and come across any examples of bloodthirsty warblogging, forward them to me. My address is at the bottom of the page. (And oh yeah, judging by his comments on Tariq Ali, there might be hope for Ken Layne.)
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •

Tuesday, April 09, 2002


There you go warblogging kiddies! The Warblogger Watch Yahoo Group is now unmoderated and open for business! Post your URLs and watch your web hits go up as the amount of world conflict increases! Enjoy!
- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


Killblogger Slick Willie Quick gives 4 reasons why Arafat should be killed:

"As long as Yasser Arafat lives, the Palestinian terror squads, and the Palestinian street, will continue to believe that their strategy of human sacrifice is an effective, even triumphant weapon against Israel."

Slick Wille doesn't mention Hamas, who will not stop the killing until Israel stops is Pogrom. Or maybe until Israel cuts its funding off (and if you can't face the fact that Israel and the USA have built up the "terrorist" organizations that are being used to justify military invasions, then your connection with reality is rather weak):

"Israel and Hamas may currently be locked in deadly combat, but, according to several current and former U.S. intelligence officials, beginning in the late 1970s, Tel Aviv gave direct and indirect financial aid to Hamas over a period of years. Israel 'aided Hamas directly -- the Israelis wanted to use it as a counterbalance to the PLO,' said Tony Cordesman, Middle East analyst for the Center for Strategic Studies. Israel's support for Hamas 'was a direct attempt to divide and dilute support for a strong, secular PLO by using a competing religious alternative,' said a former senior CIA official."

- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


Not really from a slaughterblog, but since it's in the same vein as Commander Reynold's invade Saudi Arabia plan, I thought I'd include it. Ted Carpenter over at the National Review says we should invade Pakistan:

"It would be a mistake to allow misplaced gratitude to the Musharraf regime for belatedly abandoning the Taliban to deter us from taking the war against al Qaeda to its next logical stage. The principal nest of terrorist vipers is not in the Philippines, Georgia, Yemen, or Somalia. It is in Pakistan."

- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


"Christian" John Derbyshire over at The Corner:

"I am a Christian. I acknowledge Christ as my Redeemer. I attended Holy Communion this morning, took the blessed sacrament, and prayed with all my heart, along with the rest of the congregation, for peace and justice in the world. Yet if the IDF were to flatten the Church of the Nativity and kill all the gunmen holed up in it, I wouldn't mind a bit, though I'd hope for the hostage priests to somehow be spared. Look: The War on Terror is a W-A-R. We shelled Montecassino, didn't we?"

- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


Righties are nervous about the global criminal court. I wonder why?:

"The ICC is not to be confused with the World Court, which has been around for years. That body merely tries to settle disputes among nations. The ICC goes several giant steps beyond that. It can try individuals."

- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


Justification of the Israeli massacre from Shakespeare Sullivan:

"THE ISRAELI OFFENSIVE IS WORKING: Terrific and obviously true piece by my colleague, Jonathan Chait, in The New Republic. He points out that since the current offensive started, suicide bombings have indeed declined. He argues that the use of female suicide bombers, far from being some grotesque extension of the vocation, may be due to the fact that male suicide bombers keep getting intercepted by the Israeli security forces. Perhaps, you know, killing and detaining terrorists might actually help lower rates of terrorism. That's why I hope the Israelis get out of the West Bank unilaterally, but take their time to root out as many of these thugs and murderers as they can while they do. In time, we may come to thank Sharon for doing the unpopular but necessary thing. He may be performing the equivalent of the Osirak bombing - taking out terrorist threats now that could one day threaten more than Israelis."

I guess these are the "thugs and murderers" that Shakespeare is talking about:

"Families of Shalabi had suffered ..where one soldier killed the son of 34 yrs..then the other soldier exchanged and killed the father of 62 yrs in front of the sons and they want to repeat the experience of deir yasin so that people will flee…but this made the people more firmed of not leaving. And in the event another two old men -more than 64 yrs-. And one 45 yrs were also shot in front of their families..they are from the families of Sa’adi and Zare’ni."

- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •

Monday, April 08, 2002


Whew! The amount of Reynold's Clones begging me to post a link to their blog and call them "evil" or " bourgeois capitalists" is overhwelming! You're like the Klan or Tom Metzger. Any publicity is good publicity, eh WW3bloggers? So don't bother forwarding me any more URLs.

Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


Time to clear up a few things for the slaughterbloggers filling up my inbox:
1) What motivated me to start up Warblogger Watch was not jelousy, web hits, or whatever. It was Reynold's invade Saudi Arabia plan. To see him beat the drums of war like that made me snap. That was such a terrible, arrogant, inhumane, and ignorant thing to blog I decided to say something about it. That's it. I don't want to see a new generation of mutant babies.
2) To imply that I am recieving funds from a political group is outright bullshit. The only thing guiding me is my own conscience.
3) It seems absurd for laptop warriors who probably piss their knickers in fear everytime a homeless person asks them for a quarter to cheer for more blood, brutality, massacres, and mass graves. None of you would last a second in bar fight let alone leading a killing squad.
4) I'm not a Christian (or even a Catholic), but I know that Christ would be sickened by your bloodlust.

Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


More crap from Kaiser Reynolds (oops! now he's going to imply I'm anti-German!):

"I'VE GOTTEN VARIOUS EMAILS about my "dumbest blog article yet" item. Interestingly, they're from bogus addresses. I also got an email directing me to a supposed Palestinian blog with no identifying information. That email was bogus, too. I think it's one guy. I can guess who."

Nope, not me.

"The "dumbest-blog" post probably was a bit on the snide side. But I'm sick, and he called me a "war profiteer." I suppose I should listen to President Bush and spread the love, but it's hard under those circumstances. Say, I notice all this stuff started with my Saudi post. Who's funding these anonymous guys?"

So friggin' (notice I gave up the bad words so I don't offend the delicate sensibilities the neo-con momma's boys out there) typical of you to imply that anyone that criticizes you is a terrorist. Yeah, that would be real cool if thanks to your post we're raided by jackbooted thugs and lose our jobs. But it's also so predictable of neo-CON's to dis the state out of one side of their mouth when they needed their taxes lowered and whisper into the ears of the state with the other when they need their dirty work done.

Hope you feel better soon Kaiser,

Eric A. Blair

• • • • •


I recieved some shit from the war whores for not attaching my name to my posts. This is for the simple reason that I don't want the police at my door for criticizing the war machine. It's safe to use your real name when you go along with what the war machine wants, and dangerous when you don't. But if you have such a hard-on for me to attach a name to my blogging, you can call me Eric A. Blair. And another thing, buy not using my real name the argument can't even begin that I'm using a critique of the blog foot soldiers of the war machine to further my own career. Somethings are more important than 40,000 web hits a day.

• • • • •


The Tribal Bloglord writes:

I'm called "Horowitz," there, which I choose not to treat as an antisemitic crack. Though if it's the latter it's wide of the mark; as J.R.R. Tolkien once put it in a letter to a Nazi, I have not the honor of being a member of that distinguished race.

By making baseless accusations and implying I'm an anti-semite, you live up to the Horowitz nickname, King Bloodblogger.

• • • • •


I agree with the criticism that Instapundit has turned into some kind of American Pravda. Imagine using the freedom of the net to kowtow before the very worst corporate and military interests that now run the country and then proclaim on the other hand that what you're doing somehow represents some innate jumpin the tradition of "freedom" and "liberty".

Let's all stand up and declare that it's not okay that the Israelis commit genocide upon the Palestinians. That, if in fact, the choice comes between relocating the entirety of the Israeli population to the United States--where they would be welcome--and commiting genocide over a piece a land, surely they would choose to move. Otherwise, they would be no different than the Nazis.

Consumer Broadband Watch: We're waiting patiently for the neo con bloggers to note that Democratic Sen. Pat Leahy has essentially put a stop to the horrific bill being put forward by Hollings, also a Democratic. Of course, if he were to do that, Instapundit might look a lot less like a propaganda arm for the Republican Party. We're also waiting for Glenn to back truecampaign finance reform in the form of a clean money initiative being passed by congress. That way Enron and Hollywood community could no longer buy our politicians.

Philip Shropshire

• • • • •


A stroke of genius from the King of the Warbloggers:

. . . we must invade and conquer Saudi Arabia. Too extreme? Consider:
1. Once we control Saudi Arabia, we have a clear path to Iraq and Syria.
2. Once we control Saudi oil, we can cut off the money flow to terrorists.
3. Once we control Saudi oil, the Europeans will start sucking up to us, instead of the Arabs.
4. Once we control Saudi Arabia, we can use control over the Haj, and oil money, to reshape Islam in ways that are more to our liking. Just as the Saudis have.
If without doing this we beat Iraq, neutralize Syria, and help Iran's coming democratic secularist revolution succeed, on the other hand, the Saudis will still be there, plotting and financing terrorists. And Saudi Arabia is much less formidable, militarily, than Iraq.
To kill the monster you cut off its head.

But I guess America has to cut off the head of the monster which it created, again:

Former senior CIA officer Bill Christison:

I want to go back almost 60 years, to February 1945. In that month, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, while returning from the Yalta Conference, met with King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia on a U.S. warship in the middle of the Suez Canal. Two months later, Roosevelt was dead, but this meeting was probably one of his most important acts as a world leader The actual records of the conversations between these two men have never been released by either of their governments, but it is quite clear that an agreement was reached under which the United States guaranteed for the indefinite future the security and stability of the Saudi monarchy. In return, the Saudi King guaranteed U.S. access to, and joint development of, the massive Saudi oil reserves, also for the indefinite future. These mutual guarantees were later, implicitly at least, extended to apply to the other, and smaller, Gulf state monarchies, from the Arab Emirates to Bahrain and Kuwait. All of these guarantees were reinforced by the U.S. war against Iraq in 1990-1991, and these guarantees still today form the basis of U.S. oil policies in the Middle East.

So for close to 60 years now, the U.S. has continued to prop up and support these authoritarian governments. I'd like to give you an example of how this has worked in the case of Saudi Arabia. This is from an article that appeared in The Nation magazine last November, written by a British expert on world security affairs. Here are a few lines from this article. "To protect the Saudi regime against its external enemies, the United States has steadily expanded its military presence in the region. [T]o protect the royal family against its internal enemies, US personnel have become deeply involved in the regime's internal security apparatus. At the same time, the vast and highly conspicuous accumulation of wealth by the royal family has alienated it from the larger Saudi population and led to charges of systemic corruption. In response, the regime has outlawed all forms of political debate in the kingdom (there is no parliament, no free speech, no political party, no right of assembly) and used its US-trained security forces to quash overt expressions of dissent. All these effects have generated covert opposition to the regime and occasional acts of violence"

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From Glenn (Horowitz) Reynolds:

"The more I think about this, the more revelatory it seems. To me, the way to respond to the "warblogs" if I didn't agree would be to set up my own blog. It's easy, it's free, and everyone can read it. I highly recommend that, and would be happy to help if you need any. I'll even link to it if you set it up, and if it's not obviously obscene or defamatory.
But I kind of doubt that'll happen. Instead, we have an email list. Closed. Controlled. Anonymous. In other words, in keeping with what I write above about the blackshirts among the "peace" movement.
Prove me wrong."

Here it is. Proven wrong.
But you're on crack if you think that Blogging is somehow more open than the Yahoo group. I'm the only one that can post to this (unless I do an invite for tag-team blogging), just like you are the only one who posts to your blog. But whatever, weblog vs. old media debates seem childish and pretentious as the Butcher of Palestine disobeys Bush ("you're either with us or against us", remember) and mass slaughters Palestinians as we speak.

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