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Wednesday, January 01, 2003


Some of you have noticed and commented on the lack of posts here at Warblogger Watch. The reason is that I have been going through a crisis of late. First, some background.

I was raised as a liberal, my parents were liberals. As a child I idolized my liberal parents, and as I grew and began to develop a political consciouness I naturally gravitated towards liberal ideas. I can recall many a night as a teen staying up late at night in my bedroom, a Che Guevara poster on the wall, reading Chomsky and listening to NPR.

As my life progressed, and despite being mugged by a negro fellow, I still held onto my liberal values and beliefs such as the need for public schools and free health care, pro-choice on the abortion issue and anti-death on the execution issue, for government intervention to buttress the brutal Darwinism of unfettered markets and anti-war, oh so very anti-war.

Any spare moment that could be stolen I was engaged in liberal causes: organizing a labour union for my fellow law school professors, writing letters to the editor of the local newspaper explaining the horrors of animal testing, global climate change, guns, and Nike sweatshops and creating humorous paper-mache effigies of our leaders for anti-IMF/WTO protests.

Life was liberal, and life was good.

Then came 9/11, and more importantly, the blog phenomena.

Previous to 9/11 I surfed the internet, mostly to check out my favorite web pages (Counterpunch, Zmag, the Nation, World Socialist Web Site) and writers (Fisk, Pilger, Cockburn) and was vaguely aware of weblogs; I has stumbled across Glenn and Andrew the odd time, but their right-wing conservative viewpoints and opinions sullied my liberal sensibilities so much I often had to have a stiff drink of drambuie and watch a Michael Moore movie or read a Ted Rall cartoon to settle down. But after 9/11, with the increase of number and influence of the "warblogs", I began to check them out regularly to keep up on the enemy. I was puzzled and disturbed by their strange words and terminology (Fisking, idiotarian and rope-a-dope) and their hatred of all things arab and love of science fiction and each other.

I decided to create this blog to counteract the hegenomy of pro-war thinking in the blogosphere. There were some epic battles waged and many hours spent reading emails with titles like "fuk you stuped sand nigger lover."

But a month ago something changed. I don't know what caused it. Maybe it was the news that the "hermit kingdom" North Korea was threatening us with nuclear weapons made with plutonium from the nuclear reactor we had sold them. Maybe it was the news that our so-called ally, Saudi Arabian Princess Hafia, gave money to a friend of a friend of a friend of an acquaintance and that money might have made it to Al-Qaeda terrorists. Or maybe it was just the colloidal silver I hae been taking, but I began to question the liberal beliefs that have guided me all these years.

What if US military intervention was not done to secure energy supplies and transfer routes but to overthrow brutal dictators and bring the glorious light of democracy to the oppressed of the world?

What if the Palestinains were not oppressed but instead oppressing the Israelis? Maybe transfer was the only rational option after all, the only way to ensure that the glorious light of Zionism would continue to illuminate the dark barbarian hoards of the middle east.

And yesterday, it finally happened. After a fitful night of thrashing in bed, plauged by horrifying dreams of Bin Laden laughing and cooking up a batch of smallpox, I converted.

"Enough!" I yelled as I leapt out of bed. "Enough of the left with its overt anti-Americanism and covert anti-Semitism! Enough of being Saddam's useful idiot!" Dragging my considerable library of leftie books out to the fire pit behind the house I bought with the money from the "investing" I did in my spare time, I threw them in and lit them on fire, watching with delight as they burned, and ate a slice of pepperoni pizza.

So from now on, warbloggers, I'm on your side. Watch out arab world! Watch out Harold Raines, Ted Rall, Michael Moore, Robert Fisk and Jimmy Carter! Eric A. Blair is back!

And before I leave to join my brother and his Nigerian girlfriend to drink drambuie and discuss the latest Victor David Hanson tome, may you all have a great new year, one filled with prosperity, love and war.

Baghdad Delenda Est.!

- Eric A. Blair

• • • • •

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