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Thursday, March 20, 2003


Art by Micah Wright


Now the Reynolds Rules are very similar to the Pejman Rules, except there are 10 instead of 12.

1. More Nuanced Pro RNC Propaganda. (With a definitive line: You're always an alleged lawyer American Likudnik kind of GOP guy no matter even if Ashcroft has a burning red swastika tatooed upon his forehead and oh yeah that Bush is a genius he didn't drool or anything...)

2. Straight Anti-Dem Party Propaganda or I've Got Some Helpful Advice For You Traitorous Left Wing Troublemakers

3. Pro Israel at any cost and Damn Arafat Propaganda

4. Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid or My Personal False Counter Propaganda or "The Glennuendo". This is where Glenn clearly says something false or easily rebutted (If ever a guy needed a message there's an idea...). The worst examples of this are his posts about those thriving Clear Channel sponsored "Pro Liberation" rallies. And yes, after that, he'll still will write something kinda weak about Eric Alterman's book. Sad, really.

5. The Glenn Reynolds Anti-Celebrity Hate Machine. Usually, Mike Moore, nationally known documentarian, (unlike Glenn's wife) is in for it. Today it's the Dixie Chicks. Whatever.

6. The Glenn Reynolds School of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD). Now that he's a fully owned subsidiary of Microsoft, and his critiques of the company have slowed down accordingly (Go ahead: Compare searches for France and Microsoft. Self-censorship friend, look into it...Perhaps Le Monde should hire Glenn to get him to shut up...), he tries to say negative things about stuff he don't like. It could be the anti-war protest held in that hotbed of liberalism Knoxville, Tenn., or the Dixie Chicks. It's also related to this...

7. The Patented Glenn Reynolds "My Forces of Dark Evil Are Winning...Indeed!" Post:
This is where Glenn cheerily pronounces how we beat back the violent forces of peace or something. And or: "Yep, this war thing is a swell idea indeed." They'll be a lot of that now over the next several weeks.

8: Rare Times That I Agree With Glenn : Usually it has to do with filesharing or Business of Hollywood (not the artists, which he confuses...), or when his posts are apolitical, a rarity unfortunately.

9. Glenn "I'm Just a Common Man" Reynolds: Where we see the special glimpses into the Glenn Reynolds private life. Look, I'm a unionised (uh, tenured) professor who won't get fired by posting all damn day. Just like you. And here's my beautiful wife and my gorgeous daughter, both of whom I love...but not enough to vote Democrat and thereby ensure their reproductive rights but, hey, indirectly tarring murdered protesters and defending my Idiot Prince of a Prez is much more important to me.

10. Trifecta: Where Glenn manages to combine three or more of his noxious memes in just one post. This happens a lot actually.

And as always we're going with Quicktopic comments, because I get to write under my Superhero name of...Steelydan! No static at all...

• • • • •

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