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Thursday, March 06, 2003


SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM . . . LawMeme has some ideas on how to stop spam e-mail. I suppose that their answer is unsurprising when you remember the fact that it is coming from the legal community, but it still strikes me as a good idea.
:: Pejman Yousefzadeh 11:28 AM [+]::

Let The Muse Inspire You

(Right Wingers just don't get art. The Pythons are notorious left of center types. In fact, the one Python who has come out against the War is Terry Jones, who I believe wrote the Spam sketch with his writing partner Mike Palin.)

10. Pejman "I don't really understand modern humor or modern Art." Yousefzadeh

--From the classic annotated Pejman. The Pejman Rules still hold up unfortunately...

It's been way too long a time since I've said something justifiably nasty about Pejman "Still A RNC Whore and Proud of It" Yousefzadeh. He seems to have thought lately that they should replace Terry Jones, of Python fame, because he's not a member of the silly party and actually opposes war in Iraq, which, even to amateur futurists like myself, could very easily devolve into both nuclear and chemical exchanges--

--Here's an interesting aside: I've always thought that the purpose of the 9-11 attacks was to get us to come to them. The problem with nuclear weapons is transport. Only a few nations have the capacity to make nuclear weapons and also to deliver them, to like, say, Alaska. (I'm really glad that we're ignoring North Korea by the way, said the Warblogger Watch writer in just the most sarcastic, eye-rolling way...) For example, there may be nuclear weapons held by hostile powers in the mideast. But they probably never had a way of getting those weapons to our shores. How nice of us to put 300000 of our troops in harm's way. North Korea could adopt our wondrously new brain dead policy of pre-emption after wonder science fiction writers are against this war; It reminds them too much of "Damnation Alley", "On The Beach", "A Boy and his Dog", "The Day After",etc.--

--and on the optimistic side: a friendly imperialistic 10 year occupation of Iraq which at the least will turn us into the Worst Side of the Israelis. I guess I should practice showing my shock when somebody starts blowing up our school busses for God Knows Why. Here's a few Pro Idiotarian future stock expressions of amazement we'll probably see: The Savages. Where did that come from. Why do they hate us afterall we had to steal their oil...? Etc. Turns out that the Pythons that Pejman likes has narrowed even further according to the latest episode of Real Time, hosted by Bill Maher (Now that Phil is gone, he's it for us crazy wacky leftists in this the overwhelmingly librul American media...) For Eric Idle sang a very angry and funny anti-war tune on the show. I don't remember all the funny lyrics but it went something like "Our God is better than your God" and "We're bigger than you are...". Eric seemed to imply that the war was arrogant, our means of prosecuting it smacked of bribery, and that those aforementioned sentiments were just a little bit too obvious for comfort. By the way, the timing was vintage Python.

So, the correct answer to the question posed by the warbloggers of which Python you would be is: probably nobody. I understand that Drew Carey and Benny Hill are available for cultural conscription, however. And considering the talent level of your average warblogger, quite appropriate for your artistic gifts.

Philip Shropshire

PS: I mentioned the liberal media earlier, but I'm pleased to say that left wing online media is growing. Afterall, it's the left that needs a mass media of its own. I check out Democracy Now everyday (it doesn't play in Pittsburgh so thank god for the Internet for the 1000th time...). And now, like CSPAN, it's televised with Real Media. Check out the March 6th story about the student protests. I'm guessing that's the only place I'll be able to catch it. My only complaint about Democracy Now is that it's a little dry and academic. The left has to be as entertaining as Bill Maher and Mike Moore to go mainstream. I think the best online left television that I've seen comes from the Guerilla News Network. It's left politics done like music videos. It's very impressive. I'll never understand how Glenn Reynolds thinks the net means a revolution for people who watch Fox News. Ours are the views that are never disseminated or aired...

Update: Why don't we use Quicktopic for comments? I just think the words look better. You could do more HTML stuff...just throwin' the suggestion out there...

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