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Tuesday, April 01, 2003


More stupidity at David Horowitz's FrontPage Horowitz, so completely consumed by his patriotic hallucinations that he can no longer read, has a link on his homepage news feed promising a "Raid Proves Iraqi Link to Al Qaeda." However the article to which the link points posits no such thing. The relevant passage:
The cache of documents at the Ansar al-Islam compound, including computer discs and foreign passports belonging to Arab fighters from around the Middle East, could bolster the Bush administration's claims that the two groups are connected, although there was no indication any of the evidence tied Ansar to Saddam Hussein as Washington has maintained.

There were indications, however, that the group has been getting help from inside neighboring Iran.
Horowitz's stupidity is far too ferocious to be contained on the homepage. It's in fuller evidence on his "Blog." Horowitz today reprints a letter from a Haifa University professor that draws precisely the wrong point:
The media have been reporting the participation of Syrian "volunteers" in the Iraqi war on the side of Saddam. But they appear to be grossly under-reporting the matter. In Haaretz today, a newspaper that has never been suspected of having hostile reporting intentions regarding the Palestinians or the Syrians, the military correspondent for the paper, Zeev Shiff [sic], reports that thousands (!!) of "volunteers" are streaming into Iraq from Syria to assist the Saddam forces fight the Americans and coalition forces, including as suicide bombers. The "volunteers" include Palestinians from the Lebanese "refugee camps", other Lebanese Islamist fundamentalists, but (according to Shiff) increasingly the volunteers are Syrians themselves. Haaretz also says that there are reports of 4000 suicide bombers inside Iraq seeking to murder Americans.

The coalition war in Iraq is not a war against a single Arab fascist regime. It is a war against Arab fascism and terrorism in general, a war against Islamist barbarism and aggression, a war of civilization against depraved savagery. That is why the assault against Baghdad must continue to topple the fascist Syrian regime and the Iranian Islamist regime. It is a campaign that must continue to Ramallah and until the Palestinian terrorist leaders are dancing the debka from a yardarm.
But available evidence suggests that the current rise in "Islamist barbarism" is a function of U.S. warmaking. Horowitz and his academic correspondent may have just devised the first functional perpetual motion machine...

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