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Monday, May 19, 2003


Marginal Allied Defeat:

Short term: Saddam out of power, but not dead or captured. Casualties over 5,000, with significant tactical victories for Iraqis before their forces are destroyed. Oil fields seriously damaged. Weapons of mass destruction suspected to be smuggled into Western countries for later terrorist use.

Long term: Weakened Ba’athist-style government remains in power, under nominal but ineffectual disarmament agreement (think 1991). Sub rosa support for terrorism. U.S. credibility in region suffers. (Think 1991 again). French troops placed in Iraq to make future military action by the United States difficult.

--Definitions courtesy of Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds, the only lawyer in the land who just sees one side of the case...

Some months back, Glenn wrote that he would consider casualties over 5000 (scroll down) to be evidence of either a marginal or substantial allied loss in Iraq. I promised that we would hold Glenn to that and over the past several days the Iraq civilian counter's meter went over 5000 dead at the max and 4000 dead at the minimum. I estimated 10000 dead myself and there's a good chance that we'll reach that number within the year. I'm sure it will be helped along by our cluster bomb ordinance, nuclear tipped munitions and our penchant for letting Iraqis loot known sites of nuclear materials. Way to go Glenn. I'm sure your pride in the war could be called, what, "Glowing?"

And yes, I do count the murder of unarmed protesters in the mix. Now, dishonorably enough, Glenn, thinking that the military's no count would save his day, has attacked the numbers at the Iraq counter from day one. Figures. But they all come from mostly non New York Times newspapers so they seem fine to me. I'm sure Glenn will offer some counter numbers. Instead of 1200 dead in Baghdad, Glenn will tell me that it was 1 or 2. That's good. Whatever.

About four seconds after our tanks rolled into Baghdad, Glenn had declared our colonialist efforts as as a victory. (scroll up and look for the phrase "This seems about right to me") This is not unlike Germans who thought they ruled the world after they invaded France. I'm sure Glenn would state the same thing if and when the new Allied Forces invade France. What was most humorous though, before all the bodies and radiation poisoning had been accounted for, were his screeds calling for the left to apologize.

Well, what's good for the Goose...

Glenn, it's about time that you admit that the situation in Iraq has evolved into what you yourself have defined as a marginal and/or substantial loss by Allied forces in Iraq. And you should apologize, preferably in public, your head bowed in shame, your face full of wet mucousy tears. It's time for the pro war side, whose hideous jingoism you ably represent, to admit that the rebuilding of Iraq would be a tough job for people who are competent, not bought off or are wholly owned subsidiaries of the fossil fuel industry, and understand the complexities and mechanics of the Iraqi society...let alone the Bush Administration. It's time for the pro war side to admit that the war has done nothing to disable terrorist groups and in fact has strengthened their recruitment and fundraising, just as Osama had wanted. And finally, it's time for the pro war side to admit that stealing a country's oil in broad daylight is a tough, if not impossible job, and that Iraq would be better served by 100,000 United Nation troops (armed with nonlethals) and headed by a multilateral coalition that's actually interested in creating a real democracy in Iraq and not some puppet regime, as the Iraqi people themselves have called for. By the way, if you're looking for a way to do that then please reread the works of Lani Guinier and take a good long look at the South African constitution, which was inspired by her work. (It's why the white minority hasn't been slaughtered.)


Philip Shropshire

PS: On perhaps an unrelated note, I notice that Glenn mentioned that there's a first SARS case in Tennessee. I noticed in horror how right wing bloggers wanted to blame the Canadian health care system for this problem, as opposed to modern air travel. This was rebutted even by Medpundit, who also writes for the right leaning Tech Central Station and can easily be defined as "not a liberal". If SARS ever comes to the United States and explodes--and we can count on the Bush Administration to lie to us initially until all lies are revealed by no doubt private casualty counts--you might want to thank the fact that many of our people don't have adequate health insurance. I don't go to a doctor or emergency services unless I think prized internal and/or external organs are about to fall off. I still owe a hospital in Evansville $600 bucks for a visit back in 1992. You might want to ask yourself when you're reading your daughter to sleep asleep or giving her your unbiased view of the political scene ("Yes, dear, it's quite all right for the United States to kill as many people as we want for admittedly spurious see, those evil Iraqi kids don't bleed when blown up by Cluster bomb munitions and won't suffer because of stolen radioactive loot. Besides, they deserve don't let the bed bugs bite...!") whether your family is safer because your neighbors don't have access to health care and subsequently won't be in a hurry to report their flu like symptoms. You see, it does matter if you don't take care of your neighbor, whether it's in Iraq or across the street.

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