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Friday, August 01, 2003


I too come from a military family - also one that lived under Nazi occupation and resisted - they were what you now call 'terrorists'. I am very angry that people resisting an illegal occupation should be called 'terrorists'. Or anyone fighting back they only way they can against immeasurably superior forces. Or that our soldiers don't know anything about Nuremberg, or the Geneva Conventions, or illegal orders, or the immorality of invading a poor country that never was our enemy. Americans don't seem to have learned much from history - WW II and Vietnam, for starters. Especially Nazi Germany.

I know more than I care to know about how the US treats its veterans - I've been in the trenches fighting for their healthcare - and I am sickened by the devastation from Vietnam, Gulf I, and other illegal brush wars initiated by lies and propaganda. It's hard to feel sorry for Americans who have never had their own homeland bombed into rubble - even your own brain-washed, testosterone-poisoned kids. They should be home in school, not killing other people's kids.

It was bound to escalate - especially when there's no draft and rich kids are exempt. Either everybody goes, or nobody goes - the only fair way to run a war. We're not supposed to even have a standing army - Eisenhower warned us about that - he knew about all the lies. (As did my father - he served under Bradley and was regular army before WW II.)

...Being a conservative, I really resent the dirty name they're giving my philosophy - and the way they've dragged the flag through the mud. Might as well have swastikas on it now instead of stars - symbol of the Fourth Reich. Hitler lasted 12 years - I don't think we'll have much of a country left by then.

I keep on top of things, write letters to my congressmen, and talk to anyone who'll listen. Thank you ever so much for speaking out - it's what true patriots have to do, no matter how bad it gets. The Nazis called German dissenters 'traitors' too - and persecuted anyone who spoke out against fascism or their plan for world domination. They do hate the truth - it's of no benefit to them. Lies make money.

--from S. Lambrecht, from the Bring Them Home website.

I see that we have been attacked by the Den Bestians, a wordy and pretentious lot if ever there was one. But two quick points here that should be addressed: the reports about military unhappiness about our bloody occupation are deep and vast and wide. You might note that the reports are from various newspapers: The Christian Science Monitor, the Los Angeles Times, AP, even Pat Buchanan's conservative journal. If that's not enough for you then you should visit the websites (yes websites) of Military Families Speak Out and Bring Them Home Now, or you could even tool around the Army Times message board and find a housewife or two decrying the lies of the "chain of command". I read the chain as starting from the President, but that's just me: I hate America, or at least I hate an America that kills 7 to 10 thousand Iraqi civilians, that creates some sort of cheap labor conservative "democracy" that's top down and corrupt from the start, and then sticks me with a $100 billion bill for this exercise in delusion and death. Frell, feel free to call me unpatriotic.

I might also note that I've been called an inflexible Bush Hater. Please. I hate Bush because of his horrific policies on almost every single conceivable issue. I hate Bush because of his Christian Right biotech policy, which has stymied stem cell research here and threatens American preeminence in this field. I hate Bush because of his civil liberty policy stance which brought us Patriot I and in all likelihood will bring us Patriot Act II. I hate him because he acts as a proxy for the oil industry, and subsequently we can't move toward alt fuels. I hate Bush and the GOP that only represent the wishes of "stasist" industries like big oil and big media because it's kind of, well, evil. I hate Bush because of those tax cuts that not only will I not get but will not allow us to rebuild American infrastructure such as roads, schools, and bridges. And last but certainly not least I hate Bush for driving us toward this insane war which will result in the meaningless deaths of thousands, and a large number of those people will be American by the time this is over, unless there's a pullout before 2004 which I doubt.

Now, on top of that, and there are many many many more reasons to hate this guy, I tend to hate him personally because he's the worst politician I've ever seen. He is a bad product that could only be sold by a corrupt American consumer culture. I would never allow myself to be led by a man who can't talk, and in all probability can't write or think coherently as well, into anything. I wouldn't take water on a hot sunny day from this guy. Reagan could at least read his lines...

Let me leave you with one final note: stop fooling yourselves. Body bags don't lie. Or as I stated in the comments section: Your perpetual ability to fool yourselves is killing American kids, not to mention Iraqis.

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