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Friday, December 12, 2003


A few weeks ago, I asked some of our brave anonymous fellows in the comments section to give their names so that I could submit them to these new fangled neoconned birthed draft boards. I would think they would just be wildly enthusiastic to have their number called, even though I often suspect they're not of draft age yet, which I guess would explain the immaturity and childishness of their posts.

So, consider this post a second chance for you allegedly pro war types. There's an excellent chance that if Bush is reelected there will be a draft. The current army is perfectly swell if you don't plan on invading everybody throughout the world. It's not so good if you have plans for North Korea and Syria, and possibly Pakistan.

I simply ask that you post your name, phone number (have to verify these things) and your physical address (email address as well) in the comments section and I will forward your name to as many selective service reps that I can find and email. I will make an effort, in fact, to contact your local draft board! Go Bush as they say. How's that for service. Here's your chance to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak. I shall wait patiently for your heroic declarations of patriotic love. I fully expect a record setting number of comments in the next few days or so. I really really do.

I might note, as I pointed out to my favorite neo-eugenicist godless capitalist, that giddily joining the draft would be consistent behavior for your average frothy-mouthed pro-imperialism warblogger. For example, just to use myself as an illustration, I recently spent a year working for Americorps, where I taught poor kids and senior citizens basic elementary computer skills. I took home a whopping $200 bucks a week. But that's the kind of thing we bleeding heart liberals do. I'm being consistent. Likewise, if you truly believe in the war effort and that Iraq is a bastion of terrorism (that we've probably created but that's another post) I would think that even if you're not enthused enough to enlist, then you would certainly accept being drafted with playful glee. I smiled too when I introduced a kid to the joys of Opera and the realization that our blocking software didn't affect it. Needless to say, I'm going to work hard for President Dean and thereby avoid a draft and your subsequent needless death for Halliburton no bid contracts and general graft. But that's just me.

Post away brave soldiers, post away.

• • • • •

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