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Thursday, December 04, 2003


The Warblogger vs. Peaceblogger Grudge Match '04!

So following a link today from the blogdex, I checked out the 2003 Warblogger Awards, and was a little amused to see that Misha's brethren have named him the 'Most-Annoying-Right-Of-Center-Blogger' by a landslide 37 votes! (The next closest had 20 votes.) Go, Misha!

So I went over to Misha's own to get his response, and found his typical good-natured self aping the Buddha once again, this time referring to a protestor because of his anti-Zionist sign:

. . . and don't come whining to us if you find a nail-studded ClueBatâ„¢ crammed up a very sensitive part of your anatomy if you should be skullcrushingly stupid enough to display your Biblical good-naturedness within whacking distance of yours truly.

Hm, perhaps he is a literary genius honoring the metaphor ala Hunter S. Thompson? Ha! No, but I jest. Seriously, folks--what's with this cat? Inciting violence against protesters? Class act.

So at this Misha post I added this comment:
. . . And what a tough guy, sitting behind your computer, telling everyone how you intend to beat them up. Man, what courage! It takes real balls to threaten behind a keyboard, doesn't it? How'd your balls get so big, Misha? You eat at McLard's?

Hm, tell you what my twisted, testosterone-overdosed friend, let me propose an idea for you: are you ready? Let's find a legitimate boxing or kickboxing promoter, and see if we can't put together a wholly legitimate Warblogger Versus Peaceblogger Grudge Match--whadday say? I'm completely serious, but it has to be legit. Why not float this idea into the blogosphere, see if it floats? See if anyone salutes it? . . .

Misha has his own dittoheads---awww, isn't that cute? One of them even attempts his own 'fisking' of my post, Misha-style, i.e.:
[original text:] So where are those WMDs, anyway?

[Misha-style 'fisking':] UP your butt you PC FemiNAZI!

But still Misha doesn't seem to like my idea, so I added this:
Yea, yea, typical dittohead insult-fest. But seriously Misha, I think it's a great idea: the Warblogger vs. Peaceblogger Grudge Match.

Now, about fights being legitimate--of course, real fights are never hampered by rules. People can pull your shirt up over your head, get out the brass knuckles, etc. A fight in the ring has a number of advantages: 1) you know there won't be anything dirty. Ref will check our gloves for blades, weights, etc. But 2) and this is important--it's just more civilized this way. And 3) the MOST important--all proceeds can go to charity. You can choose the Beat on a Protester fund, and I can choose Doctors Without Borders or whathaveyou . . . and it wouldn't just be me and you, I'm sure other warbloggers and peacebloggers would be interested, don't you think?

So if you're not interested in getting a promoter and pursuing this idea, Misha, what if I got a promoter interested--would you do it?

I really think this is a great idea--in a civilized venue--let's go a few rounds? I mean, you threaten violence against those who disagree with you almost what? Daily? So why not step into a ring, and have a fair fight with someone who disagrees with you? Surely Misha must have the balls for that.

And what an extra dimension it would add to the so-called 'blogosphere'!

So maybe I will scout around for a promoter--what do you think, audience? Does anyone out there think this is a good idea? A bad one? Know any promoters? Are there any warbloggers and peacebloggers out there who would like to take part? And remember: all proceeds go to charity!

I mean, let's be civil about this, eh?

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